3 Vaccination Deaths In 4 Days Telugu India

Telugu, India: 3 Vaccination Deaths In 4 Days

A series of deaths in frontline workers’ communities who took vaccinations has been raising tensions in the Telugu states.

Within four days, Telangana and Andhra together registered four deaths which now turned into main concern in the medical communities in the states.

3 Vaccination Deaths In 4 Days Telugu India

While a 42-year-old health worker in Nirmal who took the shot died within hours after getting vaccinated, the suspicious death toll reached to four on Sunday.

A woman in Andhra Pradesh and another in Telangana died on Sunday, days after both of them had taken the Covid-19 vaccination a few days ago.

The ASHA worker, identified as Vijaya Lakshmi (42), was admitted to the Guntur Government Hospital (GGH) on January 21 after she had fainted.

The next day doctors declared her dead and sent her body for autopsy to find the reason behind her death while the family members alleged that she died after the coronavirus vaccine was administered to her.

In another similar case, a 45-year-old female health care worker who was vaccinated on January 19 in Telangana’s Warangal Urban District died on Sunday.

The deceased reportedly complained of severe chest pain and slept in her house at Shayampeta on the outskirts of Warangal.

Meanwhile, the death of health workers who are administered vaccine set new tensions in the workers who are yet to get inoculated. Severe headache and chest pain have common symptoms in the people who succumbed so far.

However, the government and doctors are making it clear that vaccination has nothing to do with their deaths. What’s happening in Telugu States?

Reference: Tolivelugu.com