Chinese Doctor Sinopharm Covid Jab 'most Unsafe In The World' With 73 Side Effects

Chinese Doctor: Sinopharm Covid Jab ‘Most Unsafe in the World’ With 73 Side Effects

by Ramon Tomey

A Chinese doctor has dubbed the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine candidate from a state-owned drugmaker as the “most unsafe in the world.” Dr. Tao Lina posted in the Chinese social media platform Weibo Jan. 5 that the jab made by Sinopharm caused 73 side effects.

Chinese Doctor Sinopharm Covid Jab 'most Unsafe In The World' With 73 Side Effects

The vaccine expert from Shanghai, who has 4.8 million social media followers, later retracted his statement and apologized for his “imprudent” choice of words.

Tao criticized the vaccine candidate in a blog post titled “Sinopharm’s inactivated COVID-19 vaccine feared to be the most unsafe vaccine in the world.” In the post, he pointed out that the jab had “as many as 73 side effects.”

These included pain around the injection area, headache, high blood pressure, urinary incontinence, and taste and vision loss.

The vaccine expert also commented that none of the vaccines in the world “has more side effects” than Sinopharm’s two-dose COVID-19 jab.

He described the vaccine’s potential adverse effect as “unprecedented,” with the numerous side effects “catapulting it to be the most unsafe vaccine.”

A number of international news outlets reported Tao’s claims, which led to the doctor retracting his previous statement.

He claimed Jan. 7 that his controversial blog, which has disappeared, was an “extremely sarcastic” piece pointing out the errors in the Sinopharm vaccine manual.

Suspecting that the side effects were mistakenly listed, he wrote the blog to call the drugmaker’s attention toward the flawed handbook.

Furthermore, Tao refuted accusations that he blasted Sinopharm’s Wuhan coronavirus vaccine candidate. He also denounced international news outlets for “twisting” and “exploiting” his words.

The vaccine expert said in a Weibo post:

“Hereby, I extend my apologies to numerous web users and citizens across the nation, and express my despisal [of] the evil actions of overseas media.”

Tao also assured his social media followers that the Sinopharm vaccine was “very safe,” saying he had already received the first dose. He added that he would receive the second dose Jan. 9. (…)