Nurse Collapses After Covid Vaccine

Hospitals Worry That COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects May Cause Staff Shortages

This article should give one pause to ponder all the hype and fanfare about those covid vaccines with a bit of skepticism. It was spotted by M.G. (to whom a thank for passing it along).

The plot? Health care workers and professionals are concerned that side effects from the covid “vaccines” – you know, those “vaccines” that are of an entirely new type containing mRNA that might conveivably tinker with one’s DNA, and that have to be kept in below freezing conditions for some unexplained reason – might lead to leaves of absences to deal with them.

Or to put all that country simple “Hospitals worry that vaccine side effects may cause staff shortages.”

According to the CDC, as of December 18, 2020, 3,150 people who were vaccinated against COVID-19 became “unable to perform normal daily activities”.

Now, that’s not my headline, but rather the conclusion that M.G. drew from the article emailed to me.

In fact, it was the subject header of the email, which I’m borrowing for the title of this blog, because after reading the article, I think M.G. nailed it. Here’s the article with its own more euphemistic way of stating the problem: Vaccines’ Side Effects Risk Sidelining Health Workers While Cases Surge.

Now this one is truly a stunner when you read it. And remember, folks, these people are serious; they’re not making jokes, nor trying to be funny, even though I couldn’t help but laugh when I read some of their statements.

Extracting a few paragraphs from the article, and presenting them seriatim, we have this:

Covid-19 vaccine side-effects that range from fevers and chills to headaches and joint pain could keep some doctors and nurses from working amid a nationwide surge in hospitalizations.

Earlier this week, federal advisers recommended U.S. health-care workers be immunized first, along with residents of long-term care facilities.

For hospitals, that could pose significant scheduling issues at a time when many are filling up. More than 100,000 Americans were hospitalized with the virus on Wednesday, according to data from the Covid Tracking Project.

Providers will need to pull medical staff from the bedside to the vaccination clinic to get their shots. And if side effects do occur, they could lose key workers for a couple of days.

To overcome this, some hospitals plan to stagger staff to keep units covered. Others are exploring giving workers the shots at the end of their shifts, before they have a few days off.

Still, it’s difficult to know what to expect without seeing full data from Pfizer and Moderna’s large, late-stage clinical trials, said Paul Biddinger, vice chair of emergency preparedness at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“It’s a little easier to create a model for how we should stagger employee vaccinations when we know how commonly [side effects] are occurring and with what severity,” Biddinger said. Plans could change when more robust data becomes available, he added.

So, the side effects might be fevers and chills – signs usually of sickness – but no, anyone (like my own mother) who has taken a flu vaccine will know this response well.

Take a vaccine, so you don’t get sick from the flu, but rather from the vaccine (which has the flu in it… makes perfect [non]sense to me.

But anyway, back to the plot story: in order to protect people from a sickness, we’re going to give them a vaccine whose side-effects, while not completely known (!) might include typical vaccine side-effects like the very symptoms of the bug we’re vaccinating against, and we’re going to insist it be given to health care professionals first, during a spike in cases of the disease that they are vaccinating against, in order to have less health care professionals available due to possible side effects which we don’t really know.

And all those plans “could change when most robust data becomes available.”

Wait… what? You mean, the data about the new vaccines isn’t robust already?

Oh, yea, wait, I forgot. We’re in a planscamdemic which affects (consulting a previous blog)… oh about 0.0008 % of the total US population. That sounds like a good plan to me. Get everyone vaccinated with some stuff we don’t really know the effect of.

And let’s give it to health care professionals first…

I don’t know about you, folks, but it sounds a little bit to me like someone wants the health care field itself to become sick… maybe this guy… He looks like the type.

Karl Schwab evilThe Founder of SPECTRE The World Economic Forum, Ernst Stavro Blohfeld Klaus Schwab (White Cat not pictured).

See you on the flip side…

By Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Guest writer