Doctor Std 12 Year Olds Tiktok

Leftists Normalize 12-Year-Olds Getting STDs And Abortions

Leftists are praising a doctor who made a Tik Tok dance video encouraging children as young as 12 to see their doctor about abortion and sexually transmitted diseases without their parents’ knowledge.

What level of amoral degeneracy do they want us to reach until they’re satisfied?

The clips shows an Asian woman performing a popular Tik Tok dance while text on the screen explains, “You can see your doctor WITHOUT your parent…for birth control, STD screening, STD treatment, for a pregnancy test, to answer your questions about sex.”

“And if you’re 12 or older, I will (politely) ask all adults to exit for part of the visit to have a CONFIDENTIAL conversation about your health!”

Doctor Std 12 Year Olds Tiktok

The clip was praised by many, including journalist Yashar Ali, who tweeted, “Love this video too! Doctors on TikTok is my favorite trend.”

“Saw these both last week and thought they were both *so* good,” said Eric Koch.

“These are all fantastic!! We need more of these,” said another respondent.

“Wow. I love these! What a fabulous way to get information to a younger crowd,” remarked another.

One person who questioned whether it was wise to not involve parents in their child’s decision about STDs and abortion was told, “You don’t seem to be down with progress man.”

Others criticized the video.


Imagine being a middle aged woman begging kids to sleep around to give your life purpose,” tweeted one respondent.

There is no world where a 12 year old has the developed prefrontal cortex to autonomously consult a physician about their sex life,” remarked another user.

Anyone supporting the idea that a 12 year old can be tested for an STD without their parent’s knowledge is probably concerned about being caught,” said another respondent, suggesting that pedophiles could easily exploit the situation.

People who tell 12 year olds to test for STD’s without parents are the ones who gave the STDs to them,” commented another user.

I’m a licensed therapist and work with adolescents,” tweeted another user. “Progressive ideology is destroying lives. I see it EVERY DAY. Pray for our youth.

While the Asian doctor was praised for encouraging kids to go behind their parent’s backs for advice about abortion and STDs, a nurse who posted a Tik Tok video encouraging minors to abstain from pre-marital sex to avoid STDs was ‘cancelled’ by an online outrage mob.

A Tik Tok user called Nurse Holly with over a million followers posted a video encouraging abstinence but deleted the clip soon after and apologized following a gigantic backlash and a subsequent BuzzFeed hit piece.

One response to the video which stated, “if i go to get tested and the nurse tell me i should have waited till marriage SOMEONE is getting knocked tf out,” received 130,000 likes on Twitter.

The U.S. is experiencing a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted diseases, with a 31% increase overall in cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis since 2013.

Why do we live in a culture where 12-year-olds are getting STDs and adults are treating this as an acceptable part of growing up?

The normalization of children being sexualized has been made immeasurably worse by social media.