Month: November 2019

Google Search: Organic Products Are “A Lie”, GMOs Are “Good for You” and Supplements Are “Scams” in Latest Anti-health Search Manipulation

What You Think is Controlled by What You Watch, and What You Watch is Controlled by the Elite

Russia Writes Off More than $20 Billion African Debt

Google in Court Documents: Free Speech is “Disastrous” for Society

While We Slept, Government Created Internal Passports

France: Cathedral Attacked, Statue of Saint Beheaded, Treasure Stolen

Multicultural Swedish Town Becomes Hell on Earth: A Girl and Two Women Tell Their Stories

‘Hot Mic’ Leaked Video Shows ABC News Covered for Epstein, Clinton

Greta Thunberg Marooned As Climate Conference Moves Location… Across the Atlantic

MP: Sweden Has Become for ISIS Jihadists ‘What Argentina Was for Nazis’