What Big Pharma and the Government Won’t Tell You About the Flu Shot

Flu season is right around the corner, and true to form, the mainstream media and so-called medical professionals are rallying for the masses to get their annual dose of poison, otherwise known as the “flu” shot.

The scary fact is, our bodies are already contaminated with toxins we unwittingly eat, drink and breathe every day. Mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, pesticides, bisphenol-A (BPA), herbicides, you name it, you’ve been exposed to it.
What’s even scarier, but not surprising at all, is that all these toxins are completely LEGAL! And not only is the government ignoring it, but they WANT us to purposefully inject more toxins into our body, every year, conveniently packaged into single shot vaccines.

Toxins can KILL you. Everything from fatigue to cancer can be attributed to the effects of toxin and chemical exposure. So why would they tell us to purposefully inject MORE toxins into our bodies every year?
Because Big Pharma is lining their pockets while making billions off of costly prescription drugs. Just think about how much money is made from the amount of people suffering from allergies, let alone the conventional cancer-treatment industry. 
Each of us has to take our health into our own hands, ignoring money-driven Big Pharma, and be open to the natural remedies that nature has to offer.
That’s why we did our own research and found a rare mineral that can safely and effectively rid your body of damaging toxins and heavy metals, but without any harsh side effects. You need to read this now: Secret Mineral that Removes Deadly Toxins Finally Exposed