Month: August 2019

Foster Parents Arrested For Sexually Abusing Foster Children 8.19.jpg

Pedophiles Continue to be Licensed as Foster Parents in the U.S. to Meet the Demand for Child Sex Slaves

Transgender2bchild2b 2bbbc2bshow2bfor2bkids.jpg

BBC’s Children Show ‘Just a Girl’ is About a Transgender Child Taking Hormone Blocking Drugs


Google Wants to Put Football Field Sized Drones in the Stratosphere, to Beam Down 5G Radiation

Addiction2bexpert 2bgiving2byour2bchild2ba2bsmartphone2bis2blike2bgiving2bthem2ba2bgram2bof2bcocaine.png

Top Addiction Expert: Giving Your Child a Smartphone is Like Giving Them a Gram of Cocaine

Fukushima2b 2bnuclear2bplant2bwallpaper.jpg

Fukushima is “An Ongoing Global Radiological Catastrophe” & “A Huge Coverup” – Dr. Helen Caldicott

Frequency Truth Side01232.png

New Age is a Dream Religion of the “Elites”


Oil Lobbyist Brag About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests (Leaked Audio)


Is the Amazon Surveillance Machine Secretly Infiltrating Police Departments?

142bcelebrities2b25e22580259csuicided25e22580259d2bby2bdoorknob2bhanging252c2bincluding2ba2brothschild2band2bthe2bex Wife2bof2ba2brothschild.jpg

14 Celebrities “Suicided” by Doorknob Hanging, Including a Rothschild and the Ex-Wife of a Rothschild

Brazil2bfires2b 2bthis2btrue Color2bimage2bwas2bcaptured2bby2bthe2bviirs2bsensor2bonboard2bnoaa 20.jpg

The Amazon is Burning – The Smoke Can Be Seen from Space