Month: July 2019


Poisons in the Air, Water and Food, but Alcohol Rarely Ever Gets Mentioned

Demon Transgender Reading Books Children.jpg

Another Drag Queen Story Hour Pervert Exposed As A Convicted Pedophile and Transgender Prostitute – Why Are Public Schools Subjecting Our Children to These Deviants?


Voice AI and the Quest to Spy on You, Censor Information and Re-write History

Arkansas2bstate2bsenator2blinda2bcollins Smith.jpg

Fmr. Arkansas State Senator Found Murdered – She Was Supposedly About to Expose Child Trafficking Ring

Whole2bfoods2bsponsors2bdrag2bqueen2bstory2bhour2b 2bmany2bof2bthese2b2522queens25222bare2bconvicted2bpedophiles.jpg

Whole Foods Sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour – Many of These “Queens” Are Convicted Pedophiles


Scientist Says 1 in 2 Children Born in 2025 Will Be Autistic – Something is Clearly Causing this Health Crisis of Historic Proportions


Creepy “Drag Queen” at Dallas Public Library Reads Book “What Color is Your Underwear” to Small Children


1,700 People Arrested in Nation-Wide Human Trafficking Sweep


More US Cities Seek to ban Facial Recognition Technology


FaceApp May Be Quietly Keeping All Your Data — Same As Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Everything Else You Use