Month: April 2019


Westminster Child Sex Abuse Probe Hears How Parties and Police Covered Up Abuse


Cell Tower Removed from School After Multiple Students and Teachers Diagnosed with Cancer


Pedophilia Being Taught As “Sexual Orientation” in California Schools

Easter2bworshipers2b 2bhillary2bclinton2band2bobama.jpg

“Easter Worshippers”: Obama, Hillary and Others Refuse to Use the Word “Christian” After Sri Lanka Attacks

Easter2b 2bishtar2b 2binanna.jpg

“Easter Worshipers” Actually Means ISHTAR Worshipers – Why Hillary, Obama and Many Others Are Refusing to Say “Christians”

Shrimp Workers Thailand.jpg

Nestlé Admits Slavery in Thailand While Fighting Child Labour Lawsuit in Ivory Coast

Nestle Controversy.png

Top 5 of the Most Shocking Nestlé Scandals

Ancient Megaltihic Stones

The Ancient, Mother Culture, Might Have Known How to Soften Stone


Geoengineering Releases High Concentrations of TOXIC Aluminum into the Air, Causing an Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases


Judge Cancels Roundup Trials, Brings in ‘Neutral Third Party’ for Resolution