Month: February 2019

Southern Baptist Leaders Mug Shots Sexual Abuse.jpg

Southern Baptist Church: Leader in Foster Care and Adoption – Home to Pedophiles


The Madness of the Mass Prescription of Psychotropic Drugs: Chemical Lobotomy

Epstein Illegal.jpg

Federal Judge Ruled that the Prosecutors Who Gave Jeffrey Epstein a Sweetheart Deal, Broke the Law

Secret2bspace2bprogram2b 2bspace2bfleet2bcigar2bshaped2bufos.jpg

Secret Space Program Experiencers Continue to Add Weight to Idea of Breakaway Civilization

Philadelphia Most Dangerous City Raise Children.jpg

Philadelphia Overtakes Phoenix as Most Dangerous City for State-Sponsored Child Kidnappings


YouTube is Still Enabling the Sexualization of Children (and It’s Being Monetized)


Oprah Winfrey Helped Promote A Mass Rapist Who Ran A Child Slave Farm


The Millimeter Waves Used by 5G Will Be Highly Absorbed by the Skin


Serial Pedophile Cop Arrested on 80 Counts of Sexual Abuse of Children


Feminists, UN, NATO and Media Silent As Iraqi Gang Rape Survivor Wins Nobel Peace Prize (1,300 Yazidis Women and Children Still Missing)