Month: August 2018

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Illuminati Pedophilia: What is the Role of the Awakening Community?


Facebook Bans NPR Report on Faked Government School Shooting Statistics


Archbishop Who Accused the Pope of Sex Abuse Cover Up, Flees Country Citing Threats to His Life


Tom Hanks Accused of Buying 13-Year-Old Girl from Her Father And Raped Her — Actor Isaac Kappy Recently Called Him A Pedophile

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5 Types of People: The Truth Seekers, Brainwashed, Misguided, Power Hungry, and The Ones Who Sold Their Souls

High Ranking2bvatican2bofficial2breleases2bstatement2bimplicating2bpope2bfrancis2bin2bsexual2babuse.png

High-Ranking Vatican Official Releases Statement Implicating Pope Francis In Sexual Abuse


Naturopathic Doctor Forced to Shut Her Clinic After Death Threats and Government Pressure


MSM Declares WAR on Human Health: Coconut Oil, Vitamin D and Nutrition Under Extreme Attack


Calls to Poison Control Centers Have Increased Significantly Due to Children Taking ADHD Drugs


List of Products & Brands That Tested Positive for Monsanto’s Glyphosate