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2 Toddlers in Samoa Die Almost Immediately After MMR Vaccine Injections

“The public was officially informed by authorities yesterday, when Samoa’s Ministry of Health chief, Dr Leausa Toleafoa Take Naseri, announced that all MMR vaccines in the country were to be seized after the deaths.” 

The nurses who administered the vaccinations have been stood down for their own safety and were being supported, he told local media. [1]

Another child, a one year old boy, Lameko Si’u, was the son of Punipuao and Timua Si’u.

The situation comes after two children, both aged 1, died minutes after receiving an MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination at Safotu Hospital, in Savaii, on Friday. [1]

As a result of the above deaths, Samoan officials have stopped ALL vaccines/vaccinations in that island nation!

Now here’s the very tragic and totally unnecessary part about these tragedies, especially on the part of the boy’s demise:

The mother of one child told the station she asked that her son not get the vaccination after learning about the death of the little girl, which had occurred about two hours earlier at the same hospital.

It is alleged the nurse insisted that the vaccination go ahead and was given without consent. [1]

Does anything sound familiar in the above sentence about the nurse’s insistence, especially for United States citizens?

Lannacallystah Samuelu died minutes after receiving an MMR shot at Safotu Hospital, in Savaii, Samoa. Photo / TV1 Samoa

Also, how will these almost ‘instantaneous deaths’ after MMR vaccination fit in with the World Health Organization’s new plan I wrote about that no causes can be attributed to vaccines unless they were found during vaccine trials?

Isn’t it about time countries did what Samoan health officials did: STOP all vaccinations in order to determine the real facts about the neurotoxins and other toxic chemicals, plus foreign DNA and genetically modified ‘ingredients’ in vaccines and their harms to innocent infants, toddlers, teens, adults and senior citizens.

Relying on fudged vaccine studies produced by the vaccine manufacturers should be considered “collusion.”

The above Samoan vaccine incidences are not anomalies; vaccine adverse reactions — severe ones too — happen often, but the medical and legal establishments have other names for them, e.g., Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and child abuse!

Who are the real child abusers, if not the vaccine makers and those who demand toxic vaccinations!

By Catherine J Frompovich, Guest author / Reference: [1]