Magic Mushrooms Activate the ‘Waking Dream’ State

Psychedelic mushrooms also known as magic mushrooms are gateways to a greater level of understanding about the self, humanity, and the world around us.

Due to their ability to activate a waking dream, it gives us insight that goes far and beyond our usual scope of awareness.

So, the question becomes how is this magical phenomena possible?

A magic mushroom experience is sometimes referred to as surreal, leading to life-changing messages from their subconscious mind. Shroomers claim to have intense, animated and maybe even somewhat lucid dreams for several days following their trip.

If you suffer from a lack of dreams due to consuming a large amount of marijuana, then mushrooms ability to enhance the dream state may be the answer to this dilemma.

What Is the Difference Between Dreaming and Tripping?

Mushroom trips can be comparable to what is experienced in the state of consciousness right before slipping into sleep. The brain begins to unwind becoming less active thus allowing visions and imagery to occur.

The more mushrooms you consume, the stronger the hallucinations are, and they can manifest so well that you feel everything you are seeing is literally right in front of you. Talk about surreal!

This trip can take you to a completely different world where you feel you are no longer in touch with this reality.

Like other psychedelic substances, large doses can lead to alien contact and otherworldly communication. You may find yourself traveling beyond this reality into other realms. These journeys feel so real and intense, almost like lucid dreaming.

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What is Lucid Dreaming?

When you reach a dream state where you have full consciousness and know that you are dreaming, with the ability to control what happens in the dream, you are lucid dreaming. This happens during what is called REM sleep, which is a very deep dream state.

Having a lucid experience requires the dreamer to be aware that something is different about the reality they are in and from there they can either realize it’s a dream then enter a lucid state or wake up.

How Lucid Dreaming and Mushrooms Trips are Similar

The initial correlation between a dreamer and shroomer is their acceptance of the overall experience as if this is nothing out of the ordinary. Lucid dreaming gives the power of being in full control of everything, including the unthinkable.

Lucid dreams also have the ability to cause out-of-body-experiences. Lucid dreams can be thought of as “dreaming awake,” while psychedelic mushrooms are more of a “waking dream” experience where there is full access to the subconscious while the shroomer is still fully awake taking in information.

Now let’s take a look at what happens during the dream state.

Is It a DMT Trip?

Dreams are a result of the pineal glands production of DMT which has long been connected to astral travel, psychic visions, and dreams.

Both psilocin and the DMT molecule have quite the same structure. What separates the two is the fact that you must consume psilocin orally to stimulate the effects.

Magic mushroom is one of the few forms of DMT that does not require a monoamine oxidase inhibitor to be activated.

One can easily gather from this information that considering DMT is a dream molecule, psilocybin will produce similar effects.

The Scientific Perspective

Scientific studies provide a more in-depth understanding of how psilocybin influences users. A study was conducted at Imperial College London where 15 people received a dose of pure psilocybin and were evaluated in an MRI machine.

According to this study, psilocin reduced the parts of the brain linked with higher thinking and connection to self. The user’s ability to be fully open to their experience during a mushroom high is a result of this leading to them being out of their ego.

Another thing researchers found is the parts of the brain responsible for basic emotions such as happiness, fear, and anger are more noticeable.

This process of the brain unwinding from its higher cognitive processes to a more basic state is not much different from what happens with dreamers during these studies.

This is where we can bring everything together and realize that magic mushrooms activate a “waking dream” state, in which the user can explore the subconscious and receive information from a lucid state.

It wouldn’t be too farfetched to consider psilocybin as a way to normalize the body’s dreaming and sleep processes.

Our History with Magic Mushrooms

Psilocin mushrooms have been around since very ancient times. There was no shortage of shroom supply during ancient times when primate humans coming out of the jungles encountered magic mushrooms.

According to Terence McKenna, psilocybin mushrooms are directly connected to human metabolism and could have been the motivation for the mental development at that time.

The Aztec people considering shrooms to be the flesh of the Gods. Once Christians began to influence the use of magic mushrooms, governing bodies across the globe inhibited the free use or consumption of it.

Many who understand the benefits of psilocin would consider this a step backward in evolution.

Thanks to the consistent push to study medicines such as this, we are rediscovering profound information about the power of psilocybin mushrooms.

This medicine can remove all limits within the mind and break down the ego, therefore opening you up to worlds beyond this dimension. It is a gateway to understanding the inner workings of our own minds, everything about who we are.

Due to recent studies on mushrooms, modern humans are able to learn about the different aspects of our consciousness and how this pertains to the direction in which humanity could evolve.

Considering all of the current research, it is clear to see that it inspires waking dreams and can take our human experience to greater heights. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase dream big!

Reference: EvolveAndAscend.com