CBS Host: ‘Why Is No One Investigating PizzaGate?’

CBS claims that the Pizzagate story, which suggests an elite pedophile ring operates out of Washington DC, is real and needs to be investigated by the FBI.

According to CBS host Ben Swann, evidence collected by alternative media researchers provides “compelling evidence” that high level government officials such as John Podesta and Hillary Clinton may be connected to some kind of child sex scandal – a claim the alternative media have been making for months.

Ben uploaded his segment to his Facebook page on Tuesday, asking the very good question “why is no one investigating this?

The answer to this question is that like so many scandals involving the elite – a huge cover-up is likely underway in which the elites in government, media and law enforcement are trying to bury this story as deep as possible and keep it from public view.

CBS Reality Check covers Pizzagate.


— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) January 18, 2017

Pizzagate Has Not Been Officially Investigated To This Date! Why?

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Alexander: For your information, the following video barely scratches the surface of all the information connected to Pizzagate — not to mention CBS left out most of the evidence because it was “too disturbing.” If this admission doesn’t make you want to learn more on the subject, then what will?

You can find all of Podesta’s emails on WikiLeaks’ website.

Those involved are surely been given enough time to cover up their tracks! If you are not familiar with PizzaGate, please check out these articles here and take a look at this image connecting most of the things: