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VAXXED — De Niro’s Fight to Release Documentary Exposing Vaccine Industry

No Tribeca, no problem for the new documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, recently withdrawn from this year’s New York film festival at the behest of co-founder Robert De Niro.

by Jefferey Jaxen

It is safe to say that the buzz generated by the censoring of this film has overshadowed Tribeca’s 2016 film festival.

Adding more fuel to the soaring public interest was producer Del Bigtree’s release of his uncut interview (below) with ABC news regarding the film.

In typical fashion, the mainstream media sliced and diced Bigtree’s vital ten minute interview into a few soundbites to frame an anti-vaccine narrative.

Fortunately for the millions wishing to see this film and make their own decisions, there is another theater right down the road from Tribeca’s festivities.

The Angelika Film Center will be hosting Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, with tickets going on sale Wednesday (TBA), March 30. The theater plans on premiering the film Friday, April 1.

Those interested in showing the film in their own towns should subscribe at to get involved.

From the starting gun of De Niro’s press release pulling Vaxxed from Tribeca, a swarm of real journalists have descended upon the deeper story and the bigger picture.

What has been uncovered paints De Niro’s decision to pull the film in a broader global and historical context of a deeply embedded and far reaching pharmaceutical cartel wielding major influence.

It appears that all the money and power possessed by pharmaceutical cartels alongside a captured mainstream media were able to mildly censor this film for 48 hours. Like a blade of grass before a freight train, vital media in the age of information cannot be stopped.

The mainstream media is now forced to sit on the sidelines — irrelevant for the time being — and make as much noise as possible in an attempt to both frame this film and its message and protect the status quo pharmaceutical industry — which kills 225, 000 Americans a year.

VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn’t want you to see

It was announced that Vaxxed will be distributed by Cinema Libre Studio. Cinema Libre Chairman Philippe Diaz in a recent statement said:

“We chose to distribute this film to correct a major issue, which is the suppression of medical data by a governmental agency that may very well be contributing to a significant health crisis.

“The media storm of last week also revealed another issue; the hyper mediatization by some members of the media and the documentary community who had not even seen the film, as well as Tribeca executives, which condemned it as anti-vaccine.”

What the outcome of the widespread dissemination of the film Vaxxed will be is anybody’s guess. The public has been starved for information regarding the openly corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine division since Dr. William Thompson’s whistle blowing admissions in 2014.

The mainstream media’s blackout and knee-jerk doubling down on the false notion of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines has been telling.

Mandatory vaccine laws are attempting to be rammed through in many states.

Historically, there perhaps has never been a better time to blow wide open the longtime corruption, crime, and conflicts of interest inherent within the vaccine industry.