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Zika is a Bust — Big Pharma Receives $1.8 Billion for a New Vaccine

By James Corbett

Zika is a bust.

But it’s accomplished its mission: $1.8 billion in funding, further trial runs of the medical martial law apparatus in another part of the world, and more adulation for the fearless WHO.

Join me for today’s thought for the day as we put the Zika hype to rest once and for all (hopefully).


Here is the Jon Rappoport interview mentioned in James Corbett’s report:

You may have heard of the wave of birth defects that is ravaging Latin America as the globe gears up for another pandemic panic. But do you know how many of those cases of microcephaly have been confirmed?

Or how many of those confirmed cases are said to be “related to” the Zika virus? Today Jon Rappaport of NoMoreFakeNews.com joins us to separate the truth from the hype with the Zika virus panic and discuss whether the WHO and the CDC are merely crying wolf yet again.