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Past Life Research With ‘Chosen Ones’ Reveals Matrix

by Truman L. Cash, In5D

A “chosen one” is an individual who is contacted and abducted by extra-terrestrials repeatedly from lifetime to lifetime.

“Chosen ones” are sometimes placed in high-level positions in governments, secret societies and religions.

The term “chosen one” is a term that the ETs themselves use both to flatter and deceive abductees. By conducting extensive past life research with “chosen ones”, the hidden history of Planet Earth can be discovered.

A powerful, but invisible guiding hand has been steering the course of human events on this planet for many thousands of years. By their actions one could best describe these beings as Extra-Terrestrial Conspirators, or ETCs.

They are the puppet masters who pull the strings of the world’s elite, who in turn pull the strings of the common people. They are the hidden cause of chaos and war on Earth.

The ETCs are extremely clever, and their technology appears to us as magic. With this amazing technology they have built a matrix so elaborate and so vast that it boggles the imagination.

Like sinister cosmic spiders they have spun a silky web of deceit that seduces people to imprison themselves with ideas.

However, these beings are not infallible. Past life research is the key that unlocks the door to the Extra-Terrestrial Conspiracy and demonstrates that we are all incredible spiritual beings.

Past life memory retrieval, properly done on an individual basis, can free us from the machinations of these beings and offers hope for a new world of peace and understanding.

Many people are now aware of an ET group that is often referred to as “Grays”. However, at center stage of the Extra-Terrestrial Conspiracy is a group of human-looking ETs who have repeatedly contacted “chosen ones” throughout history to establish religions and secret societies.

This group of bearded, human-looking ETs could rightfully be called “Serpent Staff Pleiadians” (SSPs) due to their use of the serpent/staff, flying serpent and Pleiadian symbolism.

The SSPs have contacted many “chosen ones” throughout history using Space/Time Vehicles or STVs (often called “flying disks”, “flying saucers”, “space ships” or “UFOs”). The SSPs have deceived Earth inhabitants by claiming to be Gods who must be worshiped (under threat of annihilation).

One could also call the SSPs the “Illu” or “Ilu” since that is their more ancient name from which the words “Illuminati” and “Illusion” were apparently derived. This group of ETs is also sometimes referred to as the Anunnaki.

The Mantis beings are the ones who operate the going-to-the-light NDE (Near Death Experience) technology. It is a deceptive control mechanism to inculcate belief in a false afterlife. Grays and certain Reptilians also work with the SSPs and Mantids.

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Of course, benevolent ETs do exist. This is a vast universe that is teeming with sentient life forms. Some of them are benevolent and caring while others are not. As below–so above.

It is also important to realize that we cannot judge all ETs by their body type. For the ETs are spiritual beings just as we are. This research also reveals that we can help the ETCs who are maintaining this matrix to break out of the matrix themselves in a win-win scenario.

And may the truth set us free!