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A Halloween Gift to the World

On the day that the former pope resigned there was a thunderstorm in Rome and a lightning bolt struck the dome of the basilica of St Peter in the Vatican.

The following picture is, although humoristic, an exact depiction of what really happened that time, especially taking into account the words of the Rabbi Jesus, “…I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”. 1


The prophet Daniel wrote in his prophecy chapter 7: 8(a), “I considered the horns and behold, there came up among them another little horn ….”

Someone commented under the link of the video that shows the above lightning strike, as follows, “I wonder if the Vatican itself is the little horn. When it was established by the Lateran treaty in 1929, Cardinal Gasparri, who signed on behalf of the pope said, ‘With the stroke of a pen, a deadly wound of 50 years has been healed’.

[Apocalypse 13:3, “I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain and his fatal wound was healed” – this beast with the fatal wound is, according to the guys that explain bible prophecies, the samer one of Daniel with the little horn] The little horn has to conquer 3 others. Those 3 could be Protestants, Muslims & Jews [as we will see later in this article, it is exactly what he is doing].

Horns only represent power structures, not necessarily governments” 2

Is the Little Horn Pope Francis I? Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis ) was one of the main supporters – within the Catholic hierarchy – of Argentina’s military dictatorship that came to power in a CIA supported coup in 1976.

Bergoglio not only supported the dictatorship, he also played a direct and complicit role in the ‘Dirty War – la guerra sucia’ in liaison with the military Junta headed by General Jorge Videla.

This lead to the arrest, imprisonment, torture and disappearance of progressive Catholic priests and laymen who were opposed to Argentina’s military rule. 3

In my view has the littleness of the horn to do with pseudo humbleness [the ‘poverty effect’ as someone so aptly had put it on the web] of the man described above that became the leader of the world’s Catholics.

From the start of his papacy, even on the night that was announced, “Habemus papam – we have a new pope”, this new pope, in comparison with the former one (Benedict XVI), made an overture to the thousands of people waiting on St Peter’s plain and said:

“And now I would like to give the blessing, but first I want to ask you a favor. Before the bishop blesses the people I ask that you would pray to the Lord to bless me – the prayer of the people for their Bishop. Let us say this prayer – your prayer for me – in silence.”  

According to John Allen Jr., a popular Catholic journalist, “Bergoglio’s reputation for personal simplicity also exercised an undeniable appeal – a Prince of the Church who chose to live in a simple apartment rather than the archbishop’s palace; who gave up his chauffeured limousine in favor of taking the bus to work; and who cooked his own meals.”

Since his election this pope had called for a church for the poor and on 19 March 2013 when Pope Francis has inaugurated his papacy at a Mass in Rome, he called on global leaders and all the people of the world to defend the poor and the weak.

Much was said at that time of the new pope’s reaching out to the poor and hungry people of the world and in his homilies one could detect the subtle references to the money-grabbing campaigns of evangelists, with side swipe remarks on poverty versus riches, such as:

“Philip, when he met Queen Candace’s finance minister, did not think, ‘Ah, good, let’s set up an organization to support the Gospel …’ No! He did not strike a deal with him: he preached, baptized and left” [New Testament book of Acts chapter 8]. 

Also detectable were remarks to highlight the so-called poverty vow made by Catholic priests:

“The proclamation of the Gospel must follow the path of poverty. The testimony of this poverty: I have no wealth, my wealth is the gifts I received…” 4 Just in case anybody missed the key line from his homily during the inaugural Mass, Pope Francis later tweeted, “True power is service. The Pope must serve all people, especially the poor, the weak, the vulnerable.” 

Pope Francis I has been portrayed in chorus by the Western media as a champion of “Liberation Theology” committed to global poverty alleviation – he has urged world leaders to challenge “all forms of injustice” and resist the “economy of exclusion… the throwaway culture … and the “culture of death” – which is a kind of double talk when one takes into account that the entire Catholic liturgy is based on a culture of death.

[Please read]

Totally confusing the issues of material and spiritual poverty, on Friday 22 March 2013 Francis outlined to the world’s diplomats one of the mission of his pontificate: combating spiritual and material poverty.

He said,

“How many poor people there are still in the world! And what great suffering they have to endure! But there is another form of poverty! It is the spiritual poverty of our time, which afflicts the so-called richer countries particularly seriously – taking the form of self-interest, which makes building peace much more difficult.

“There is no true peace without truth! There cannot be true peace if everyone is his own criterion, if everyone can always claim exclusively his own rights, without at the same time caring for the good of others.” 

According to the Greek leftist opposition leader Alexis Tsipras, an atheist who met with the pope in the middle of September 2014 at the Vatican after months of clandestine negotiations with the Holy See to be allowed an audience, pope Francis is the ‘pontiff of the poor’.

He said he and Francis saw eye-to-eye on banks, profits and ‘pan-human values’ – whatever that may mean. The dialogue had also inevitably touched upon the gulf between rich and poor and the tragedy of uncontrolled migration. 5

Recently, on 27 to 29 October in Rome, the pope spoke on how to combat the structural causes of poverty during a meeting with the World Meeting of Popular Movements, an organization that was formed by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace in collaboration with the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences and with the leaders of various movements.


Someone aptly commented on this saying, “Eight paragraphs of bullshit and not one on usury, interest, the Federal Reserve, the Globalist Bankers that have a stranglehold on the world economy [*and may this writer add that the Vatican bank that has financed countless illegal and criminal operations that are the real reasons for universal poverty].

Your sins are exposed Mr. Big Poop, take an enema and call on Yahweh to save you from the destruction that is coming on Rome”.

After I had been guided to see this pope for what he represents in the history of mankind on earth and how that this fact agrees with at least some of the biblical prophecies, I have asked myself, so what is it with this dude and poverty?

And what has the majority of poor people to do with him that the Christian bible calls the Antichrist, that Islam’s Qu’ran calls Dajjal and the Jews call their Messiah?

Is this pope the forerunner of the aforementioned figure or is it himself? I’ve also asked myself what has the – let’s call him ‘Messiah’ – to do with the rich and wealthy cabal of the New World Order, especially in relation to poverty?

I believe I am correct in saying that the Cabal wants total control of the world and the earth, including our entire 3D-universe and they will do, are doing, everything they can to eliminate all and everything that stand in their way, including the poor masses.

The latter, being the majority of the world’s population and it includes you and me (except if you are stinking rich), is what at present is still in the way of the Cabal’s total domination. The one organization that forms the bridge between the masses and the cabal, is the Roman Catholic Church with the pope at its head.

The Catholic Church per sé, except for a few of the top people, are not part of the cabal and most of them that are in the know, fears the cabal for it implies their own enslavement or elimination.

To counter the cabal, the papacy has plans for another ‘savior’ of the world and its masses – a savior that they will put on the throne of the world scene making all and sundry – even atheists – believe it is their Christ who is in reality a cosmic Christ [an ET or some such] if one can take Francis’ remarks recently about God not being a magician and that mankind has evolved throughout the eons of the earth’s existence, seriously.

However, this ET-savior has to make its appearance speedily for the papacy to have any credibility left before the cabal hits them with the ebola pandemic.

So it is not impossible to postulate that between the hours of day and the hours of night in the dark dungeons of the Vatican, decisions have been made to reveal a substitute for  the ET-savior  to the world in the person of – you guessed it – Francis I.

But, we still have to understand his obsession with the poor, the weak and the vulnerable. Well, these are the masses that will follow the Catholic savior, whom they invoke with every mass, straight into hell if needs be.

And so will the Catholic savior, pope ET Francis become the VIP on the world’s throne and able to, with the help of those governments that were too feeble to stand up against the cabal and overthrow them, wrest the control from the hands of the cabal and eventually become the world dictator as had been prophesied.


We quote further from the prophet Daniel, “….and behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man.” How can a horn have eyes?

J F Kennedy, shortly before he was murdered said,

“The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. As a people we are inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret proceedings and to secret oaths…

“In spite of this are we opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence; on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

“It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, political and educational [and religious] operations”. 

The conspiracy he is referring to is that of the Jesuits.

The eyes of the little horn have to do with surveillance done for the papacy and in the Roman Catholic Church worldwide as is mentioned in the following quote from an article wherein it is said the Church is the home of all:
“Of course they’ve been evangelizing forever but this has a new bent.

We knew he’d be an activist with his Jesuit background (i.e. pope Francis) and our globalist state of being funneled into a new world order, but he’s moving very quickly and setting a completely different tone, and a radical new direction. How? Simply check the fairly sizable goal – Home of all.

“With an estimated 2.2 billion Christians on the planet and over half of these maneuverable followers remote-controlled Catholics, they are bound to be a major focus of control for the ruling psychopaths.

Is it any wonder then that a “progressive” program-pushing Jesuit should lead the charge into promoting the acceptance of a new world religion, using “tolerance” and “acceptance” as its platform? Isn’t that the ongoing meme we’re witnessing?

All the while they actually exacerbate the opposite, pitting everyone against each other while preaching otherwise to push their program? Unity under their centralized control. Pretty clever these demonic entities.

“What is their objective? One world everything. Militarily, their coming imposed digital currency, surveillance subjugation, control and exploitation of the masses and a “unified” belief system? All under the guise of ‘no more differences – we are here to save you from all of that’ – after having caused it, of course. Problem, reaction, solution on its grandest scale.

“The religious part will be a tough one, as they know how deeply entrenched ‘believers’ are. They have to be won over in a whole other way, or manipulated to kill each other off. Such is the Christian vs. Muslim meme being perpetrated now. Very effective, and they’re at it big time and getting away with literal murder with this one”. 6 

That’s right this new pope has eyes and ears everywhere and no one is safe – not even his bishops. To illustrate my point here, I wish to mention something I have found about internet use by Catholics in the US and Australia (and I suppose this is something that occurs world-wide).

Apparently is it expected of Catholics  to have as their ISP the particular diocese where they reside. This is so that their web experiences and e-mails can be monitored and curtailed if necessary.

Provision and surveillance of internet and its users is normally the duty of the education office of each diocese and the users include students of schools, colleges, universities, teachers, admin staff and, believe it or not, the bishops as well. To monitor and curtail the freedom of the internet users, policies are enforced under the country’s national laws.

The following extracts are examples of such a policy:

1. Computer surveillance is defined under s3 of the Workplace Surveillance Act 2005 (NSW) as “surveillance by means of software or other equipment that monitors or records the information input or output, or other use, of a computer (including, but not limited to, the sending and receipt of emails and the accessing of internet websites).”

System administrators and others, as nominated by the Principal or the Director of Schools, may in the course of routine maintenance, or as required by the Principal (or the Bishop) monitor on-line activities or review server logs to assess network efficiency or examine system security.

2. In using e-mail facilities, staff and students should be aware that e-mail residing on, or transmitted across the network is the property of the Diocesan School System (DSS).

Schools are required to advise staff and students that they, staff and students, may be held accountable for the e-mail they create and distribute using DSS facilities.

As the e-mail service provided is for administrative and educational purposes, staff and students where appropriate, must identify themselves properly by using – a signature block at the bottom of e-mail messages stating their name, school phone number, postal address and, an e-mail disclaimer….

On DSS internet and network services staff must not use ‘Inappropriate Language’ in public messages, private messages, and material posted on Web pages.

3. The DSS recognizes and respects the privacy of staff but reserves the right to monitor and audit content and usage of its computer systems, in order to efficiently and effectively implement its vision, strategies and plans. Staff need to be aware that monitoring and auditing will disclose details of sites visited.

[You can read all about it here:]

One may well ask: “And who control the Catholic Education System?”

By 1865 there were 100,000 Catholics in Melbourne, Australia. Two Irish Jesuits arrived that year and assumed charge of bankrupt Saint Patrick’s College.

It was an important acquisition for, sited next to St Patrick’s Cathedral, it allowed the Jesuits to sit in the pocket of the Catholic archbishop of Victoria, [the present one being a Knight of Malta, which is almost another word for Jesuit (see and play a continuing role in the political development of Australia after federation.

Adolf Hitler once said,

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future”. 

Education is the Jesuits’ main avenue for control, political and otherwise! Through the socially, historically and scientifically flawed education of millions of youngsters and adults they are able to observe and direct the professional path of the brightest students, which help to further their own neurotic agenda, or at least not obstruct it. 7

The following sentence is mentioned by the Catholic establishment themselves: “Pope Benedict also warned that Catholic education is the most urgent internal challenge facing the Church”.

Why? Because of the result of such rigorous enforcement of secretive and controlling measures described above with the policy of curbing the free choice of students and staff in their use of the internet; to curb the freedom inherent within each human being; the inborn ability to freely choose – man’s free will.

The results of this has been seen in the US: scandals at Jesuit universities and “underlying these scandals is the dismantling of education that built the reputation of Jesuit universities…” but which proved to be not so outstanding as the Church want the world to believe:

“(i) The famed Jesuit core curriculum is today disjointed, pared down and often not very Catholic; (ii) The Jesuit principle of cura personalis can be a cruel hoax—students largely fend for themselves on campus, with minimal moral guidance and a decadent culture; (iii) Dissent is found in the classrooms, the lectures, the student advocacy groups, the residence staff, the campus ministries, etc.

“Too often, today’s graduates from Jesuit universities identify as “Catholic” but have little regard for the pope, the bishops, the sacraments or Catholic moral teaching, outside of social justice concerns. In spite of people tasked with  upholding the Catholic identity, matters have clearly worsened, especially the student culture and attitudes towards sexuality, marriage and priesthood.” 8

If this is the case in America, it will be the case in all countries, including Australia. If this is the case in Jesuit universities or tertiary educational institutions it will also be the case in Jesuit primary and secondary educational institutions for it is here, with these two levels, that the groundwork is laid for the future rottenness of the whole person.

Absolute temporal ruling power has always been the Vatican institution’s primary objective and this is protected by the Jesuits who demand secret oaths and complete obedience from each member of the Catholic hierarchy – Jesuits and all others, especially from the rank of all bishops upwards.

Jesuits are, since 1814, in complete control of the Vatican institution and its Catholic hierarchy presently also controls various other organizations together with the Military Order of Malta.

Furthermore, note that the Jesuit Order, the Catholic clergy and the Military Order of Malta (and many of the other Papal and Royal military orders) have an extremely patriarchal culture –  a structure that is one of the main aspects of fascistic groups. 9

These self-described “soldiers of the Catholic church” pride themselves on the rigorous education the order provides in its elite schools around Australia and elsewhere but the educating and grooming is not done only with children and young people through educational systems.

The Jesuit order has a long history of producing MP’s and senators and their place in Australian politics should not be overlooked.

The following quote from a Catholic shortly before the federal election of 2013, should clinch it for all:

“Then there is the question of religion. In the good old days, the Liberal Party could boast only the occasional token Catholic – Phillip Lynch comes to mind – but now Catholics dominate the leadership.

“If we are to believe the polls, the next Australian Parliament will have a Prime Minister, Deputy PM (Barnaby Joyce), Treasurer, Leader of the House, Minister for Finance and Minister for Communications who are all practicing Catholics.

“Shouldn’t that frighten you if you are not a Catholic? Indeed, shouldn’t it frighten you even more if, like this writer, you are a Catholic and have an idea of how we operate?” 10

When Tony Abbott won the federal election in 2013 he, together with about 80% of his cabinet together with a Jesuit pope, gave Australians their own Jesuit experience. With this almost coup, the Jesuits seem to have been able to hardwire a large slice of Australia’s political leaders.

Following in the footsteps of the US, one of the latest twists in the present Jesuit-programmed Prime Minister’s candidacy is the proposed law for internet surveillance – please read about it here:

[*One could always tell the Australian Federal Government to get a blueprint on internet surveillance from the Jesuit education system operative in all Catholic dioceses.]

I already know, dear reader that you will say, “But the pope is ruled by the black pope, the head of the Jesuit order!” This is no longer true or rather it will not be true for much longer.

The pope approved the resignation of Fr. Adolfo Nicolas Pachon – the black pope – from office, which will take effect during the Jesuit Order’s 36th  General Congregation Meeting in 2016. Although it is speculated that the pope will also resign he has not done so yet and that leaves us with no other option but to believe he is now firmly in control, this little horn with the many eyes.

Apart from the eyes and ears of the black pope, Francis also has the eyes of the papacy’s assassins under his shepherd’s hand, nowadays called the Ndrangheta. The criminal syndicate Ndrangheta, based in Italy and tied closely to the Vatican provides, among other things, children for sacrificial rituals and human trafficking networks across the world.

The name of the organization has been mentioned in a recent common law court case brought by the ITCCS against Pope Francis and other convicted felons. When Kevin Arnett’s Common Law Court in Brussels had issued a warrant for the arrest of both pope Francis and Adolpho Pachon, nothing came of it for the simple reason that the Ndrangheta stepped in to protect them somehow.

As a warning to Francis that if he do whatever this killing machine does not like, they have beforehand killed some of his vulnerable family members in Argentina.

No one knows exactly what these thugs do and how, but remembering the operations of the Mafia, which has now been conveniently excommunicated by the pope, one can only think and shudder. Definitely does this somehow tie in with the Jesuits and their surveillance tactics.

[See also]

If anyone had thought, with the advent of Bergoglio as Francis that he is no longer a member of his order because he is now pope, according to James Martin SJ., you are wrong:

“A Jesuit is a Jesuit forever, from the day he enters the novitiate, unless he formally leaves the Society of Jesus or, in religious parlance, is dismissed.

“Most Jesuits, when they have finished their Jesuit training or formation are invited to pronounced not only three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, as well as the fourth vow to the Sovereign Pontiff with regard to missions, but they also make another promise – not to strive or ambition for any high office in the Society of Jesus or in the church.”


We quote yet further from the prophet Daniel, “….and behold, in this horn…. a mouth speaking great things”. A horn that can speak?

Ah, but this horn does not only speak like a man but he speaks like a hypocrite and sows confusion.

Taking into account what one of the Roman curia, Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli said that the Pope would be guided by a desire for transparency… and faithfulness to international laws or rules and compare it to what he actually started saying, declaring and preaching, since his inauguration to this day, it becomes easier to detect the subtle hypocrisy:

The Hebrew word nahash translated as serpent means ‘shining one’. The term suggests the idea of subtlety and cunningness.

Here is a sampling of Bible verses that use this name: Genesis 3:1, Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made…; 2 Corinthians 11:3, But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ (Christ here refers to the Rabbi Jesus).

1. In strengthening the Catholic hive mind, the pope said, “We are not all the same and we shouldn’t all be the same. Each person has his or her own gifts, qualities and character, which is one of the beauties of the church – everyone brings what God has given him or her to enrich the others.

When we try to impose uniformity, we kill the gifts of the Holy Spirit and we must pray that the Spirit make all church members more catholic.

While the word catholic” literally means universal it is not first of all a matter of geography, but of unity in faith – the church is catholic because it is the space, the home in which the faith is proclaimed in its entirety, where the salvation Christ brought us is offered to all.

Each diocese, each parish can say it is catholic because its members are united in the faith, the sacraments, the ministry of its priests, the leadership of its bishop and its unity with the pope.

Being Catholic means being part of a family – no one should or can grow alone, walk alone in isolation, but we must move forward and grow in a community.” 11

[For further reference as to this ‘offered to all’, please read Catholic Liturgy is Satanic:].

2. In reaction to an article written about Francis’ address to the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations and Catholic Gynecologists on 20 September 2013, a concerned Catholic made the following comment:

“The greatest evil, the savage wholesale slaughter of millions preborn babies each year is the worst holocaust that has ever visited mankind in the history of the universe… and Pope Francis claims we talk about it too much; that we’re “obsessed” with it???

He admitted today, ‘I’ve never been a right-winger’. That’s all I need to know about this Pope. I tried to read between the lines on his other controversial comments, but after today’s slam against right wingers, I am totally deflated. Our Church is in deep trouble. 12

3. Another anti-Catholic puts the matter this way:

“This vessel of Iblis… became the Nelson Mandela of false hope, far worse than the role Obama played. Pope Francis announced that Catholicism is now a ‘…modern and reasonable religion, which has undergone evolutionary changes. The time has come to abandon all intolerance. We must recognize that religious truth evolves and changes.

Truth is not absolute or set in stone. Even atheists acknowledge the divine – through acts of love and charity the atheist acknowledges God as well, and redeems his own soul, becoming an active participant in the redemption of humanity. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul’.

“In a speech that shocked many, the Pope claimed, ‘All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them. What other kind of truth is there? In the past, the church has been harsh on those it deemed morally wrong or sinful.

Today, we no longer judge. Like a loving father, we never condemn our children. Our church is big enough for heterosexuals and homosexuals, for the pro-life and the pro-choice! For conservatives and liberals, even communists are welcome and have joined us.

We all love and worship the same God. God is changing and evolving as we are, for God lives in us and in our hearts. When we spread love and kindness in the world, we touch our own divinity and recognize it.

The Bible is a beautiful holy book, but like all great and ancient works, some passages are outdated. Some even call for intolerance or judgment. The time has come to see these verses as later interpolations, contrary to the message of love and truth, which otherwise radiates through scripture’.

“Pope Francis spent over an hour castigating anti-immigrant politicians, parties and individuals. To a chorus of thunderous applause, Pope Francis stated, ‘…because Muslims, Hindus and African Animists are also made in the very likeness and image of God, to hate them is to hate God! To reject them to is to reject God and the Gospel of Christ. Whether we worship at a church, a synagogue, a mosque or a mandir, it does not matter.

Whether we call God, Jesus, Adonai, Allah or Krishna, we all worship the same God of love. This truth is self-evident to all who have love and humility in their hearts!’

“Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria said of this statement of the pope, ‘Francis is a fool if he thinks that his liberal immigration policy will end well. He has betrayed western civilization. Vatican City will one day become a giant mosque if things continue in Europe along their present course. Those in the west who ignore this truth, do so at their own peril.’”(*Can we get a “bravo” for Cardinal Arinze?) 13

Strange is it not, that Francis has so much to say about refusing immigrants and that it is a form of racism, whereas the present PM of Australia and his right-hand man of Immigration are either turning asylum seekers and refugees away or are secretly transporting them to a living hell on Christmas Island and other places nearby?

This PM of Australia, Tony Abbott, is also a Jesuit trainee and when the election campaign was in full swing last year, the Catholic Church of Australia even had some kind of document available for all Catholics on how to vote.


3. The Vatican has mostly publicly opposed any military intervention, especially in recent years and only last year was a global prayer and fast for peace staged by the pope 14 when the West was threatening air strikes against Syria.

Dear reader, be sure to compare this vehemently staged cry for peace to this same pope’s deafening silence concerning the slaughter of innocent people in Gaza, many of them Christians, by Judaic Zionist fanatics.

During Israel’s latest offensive against Gaza, Israeli forces killed scores of Palestinian civilians in attacks targeting houses full of families catching them unawares, one report said. The strikes had horrendous effects on survivors, who had the harrowing experience of searching for the bodies of their loved ones in the rubble of their homes.

Can you imagine that, dear reader; can you for one moment wonder why does this apparent humanitarian pope not go to Gaza to sympathize and give his support in prayers and solidarity; why does he himself not go and search in the rubble for dead bodies – he who regard the god of Islam the same as his god?

In a remarkable about-turn for this policy of peace, on 17 August 2014 the pope, in a lofty and dramatic declaration, backed Western military intervention/action in Iraq to ostensibly “stop the bloody persecution of thousands of Christians by Islamist fanatics”.

He said that military force could be justified against the murderous extremists of Islamic State in order to counter their ‘unjust aggression’.

Like a schoolboy standing on the side of his truant mates, the pope revealed that he is considering making an extraordinary visit to northern Iraq to show solidarity with Christians who are being murdered, raped and driven from their homes by the terrorists who have seized control of large swathes of Iraq.

Big, swelling words from a man small of courage and weak of heart, for he never made that visit nor will he ever do that but would rather cower between the skirts of his Jesuit bodyguards.

This intervention speech of the pope was more about solidarity with his partners in crime in the West than with any Christians – it came just after David Cameron warned that Islamic State terrorists could bring ‘mayhem to our own streets’ unless they are crushed; Kurdish forces claimed to have regained control of the strategic Mosul dam following assistance from US air strikes; and pressure grew at Westminster for a recall of Parliament to debate plans for responding to the crisis.

Although Church leaders have criticized the slow response of the West to the persecution of Christians in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East, the Pope went much further by giving conditional backing, through the United Nations, for the use of military force in order to halt the march of Islamic State.

He is of the firm opinion,

“… where there is an unjust aggression, I can only say that it is licit to stop the unjust aggressor. I underscore the verb ‘stop’; I’m not saying bomb or make war; just stop. And the means that can be used to stop them must be evaluated.”

Now what exactly does that mean if not a declaration of war? How do you stop an aggressor without bombing or making war? And war is exactly what happened – it was as if the Western nations were just waiting for this stance of god to unleash their own aggression against the ISIS extremists.

[Please also read the Comments section under this link:]

A short vision on just what this declaration of the Little Horn had unleashed will have to suffice. After ISIS has seized large swaths of land in its quest to create a caliphate that stretches from western Syria to eastern Iraq, the following allies on both sides of the pond are doing their thing, i.e. conducting a full scale war popularly called World War III:

Middle East allies of the Western papacy-backed coalition against ISIS are:

Saudi Arabia who in August 2014 had offered to train on its soil moderate Syrian rebels who would fight ISIS; in late September joined the coalition with airstrikes in Syria hitting ISIS vehicles and logistics bases; and had put $500 million into the coffers of the U.N. humanitarian aid agencies in Iraq.

United Arab Emirates helped to launch airstrikes in Syria.

Turkey uses military force against ISIS in towns just south of Turkey’s border; foreign troops have been allowed to launch attacks against ISIS from Turkey.

Jordan participated in airstrikes in Syria; one of Jordan’s key roles would be providing intelligence to the West.

Qatar hosts one of the largest American bases in the Middle East and has flown a number of humanitarian flights; in late September the Emir of Qatar vowed to support the coalition.

Iraqi Kurdistan’s fighting force is battling ISIS on the ground in Syria and Iraq; are willing to send their Peshmerga forces to fight beyond their borders if there’s a comprehensive international strategy put in place.

Bahrain, the oil-wealthy Gulf nation east of Saudi Arabia, has participated in airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria; they have close relations with the US and the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain.

Western allies of the papacy-backed coalition against ISIS are:

United Kingdom in beginning of October launched its first airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq; British planes helped Kurdish troops who were fighting ISIS in northwestern Iraq with bomb-dropping and missile-shooting; British planes had been involved in reconnaissance missions over Iraq; promised armed help to Kurdish forces, support the Iraqi government, keep supplying humanitarian help and coordinate with the United Nations to battle ISIS.

Australia aircraft started flying over Iraq in support of allied operations; Australian mission consists of in-flight refueling and electronic surveillance in support of the U.S. and other allies;  the country also authorized the deployment of Australian special forces into Iraq to “advise and assist” Iraqi forces, calling it a “combat deployment” but an “essentially humanitarian mission to protect the people of Iraq and ultimately the people of Australia from the murderous rage of the ISIL death cult.”

France’s planes have taken part in airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq; have flown reconnaissance flights over Iraq; contributed ammunition and made⦁ humanitarian drops over the nation; France’s air force was also part of a ⦁ recent operation in the Iraqi town of ⦁ Amerli along with Australia and Great Britain, that pushed back ISIS fighters.

Germany is geared toward curbing ISIS propaganda and recruitment; has banned activities that support ISIS, including making it illegal to fly the trademark black flag of the ⦁ Islamic State in Iraq and Syria; Germany has also said it was sending military assistance to the Kurdish region to fight ISIS; and German paratroopers are offering training in the overall effort to fight ISIS.

Canada’s parliament voted to contribute aircraft and personnel in the fight against ISIS; has provided “tangible equipment and ammunition” to the broader effort to fight ISIS.

The Netherlands’ two F-16 military planes dropped bombs on armed ISIS vehicles in northern Iraq that were shooting at Kurdish fighters; would contribute six F-16 fighter jets as well 250 troops to join in anti-ISIS airstrikes; provide training to Iraqi as well as Kurdish troops.

Other nations that provided equipment and ammunition in the fight against ISIS are Italy, Poland, Denmark, Albania and Croatia while New Zealand, Romania and South Korea are providing humanitarian assistance. 15

Was the aggressor stopped? Of course not.

4. According to a recent review conducted by the CIA in the US under the direction of Obama to determine the effectiveness of recent U.S. covert operations, the White House concluded that unfortunately successes were so rare that some rethinking of the policy, especially with reference to the current operations against ISIS, was in order.

America has finally come to the realization that his papacy-backed intervention in Iraq/Syria is having horrendous consequences because Washington has emerged as the world champion in generating terror.

Former CIA analyst Paul Pillar warns of the “resentment-generating impact of the U.S. strikes” in Syria, which may further induce the jihadi organizations Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State toward “repairing their breach from last year and campaigning in tandem against the U.S. intervention by portraying it as a war against Islam.”

Jihadism’s most fearsome current manifestation is the Islamic State, or ISIS, which has established its murderous caliphate in large areas of Iraq and Syria.

Another former CIA analyst Graham Fuller said,

“I think the United States is one of the key creators of this organization. Although the United States did not plan the formation of ISIS, its destructive interventions in the Middle East and the War in Iraq were the basic causes of the birth of ISIS.” 16  

We have a very strange situation here. On the one side there is Israel with its incessant bombing of Palestinians, about which there is not one peep from the pope, on the other side there is the rebel-war in Ukraine with a pope peeping at all around him in Rome to see which way the yardstick will fall and in the middle, so to speak, there is Syria/Iran with ISIS becoming stronger, more daring and more murderous by the day.

We have to carefully understand that the pope is hand-in-glove with the UN, the EU and the US, as THE Western powers of the day. And that he is using religion and cries for peace in the world, not as bridge-building, but as a seesaw between East and West while he sits in the middle trying to balance the entire game field.

So, he has the US continuing its attempts to use the situation in Ukraine as an irritant in relations between Russia and Europe in order to have the staus quo of western powers in his lap (Russia has always been regarded as one of the western powers regardless of its location on the eastern side of the earth).

And he has Israel in collaboration with the US continuing their attempts against ISIS and Palestine as an irritant in relations between Christianity and Islam in order to have the staus quo of all Islamic states in his lap. Remember that ISIS is a joint creation of US and Israel: In October, former Minister of Iran Intelligence, Heydar Moslehi, said the group was created by a “triangle of Mossad, MI6, and the CIA.” 17

When asked about the pope’s visit to Jerusalem, it was stated by the Vatican’s press representative, Lombardi (also a Jesuit) said that the Holy See seeks for this holy city an internationally guaranteed  special status that will allow for freedom of worship  and right of access for residents and pilgrims from across the world, with no one party claiming exclusive rights.

But this is just where the paw-paw strikes the fan for the one and only true ‘holy place’ in Jerusalem is where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is situated, the erstwhile temple mount.

This pope’s meddling with matters of nationality, culture and religions other than his own, is what causes the ongoing blood letting in the middle east to be sustained.

5. Because the church went decades without being punished for their child abusing clergy, experts of the UN’s Rights of the Child (RTC) took action and interviewed the Holy See.

The RTC found that instead of reporting known child sex abusers to the police in many countries, the church had moved these pedophiles from parish to parish with the result that dozens of them are still in contact with children. Upon this the Holy See was informed to immediately remove all clergy and priests who were known child molesters, torturers and abusers.

In 2013, a UN document sent to the Holy See demanded that the Catholic Church provide evidence of how they have prevented past sex offences, how the children who have been abused have been given assistance, and any investigations they themselves have made against their own clergy.

The report reads:

“In light of the recognition by the Holy See of sexual violence against children committed by members of the clergy, brothers and nuns in numerous countries around the world, and given the scale of the abuses, please provide detailed information on all cases of child sexual abuse committed by members of the clergy, brothers and nuns brought to the attention of the Holy See over the reporting period.”

On Friday 28 March 2014, Italy’s bishops have adopted a policy with backing from the Vatican that states they are not obliged to inform police officers if they suspect a child has been molested.

This policy cited a 1985 treaty between the Vatican and Italy, stipulating that clergy aren’t obliged to tell magistrates about information obtained through their religious ministry.

The guidelines remind bishops, however, they have a ”moral duty“ to contribute to the common good. This ruling came less than a week after Pope Francis appointed a former child abuse victim as one of the first members of a new commission to help the Catholic Church put an end to clerical sexual abuse.

Speaking to Il Corriere della Sera, Pope Francis said at the time: 

“The Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution to have acted with transparency and responsibility. No one else has done more yet the Church is the only one to have been attacked.” 

This is, of course a flagrant lie for if the Church had been throughout transparent and responsible, this problem would’ve been taken care of a thousand years ago. But the Church as a whole, apart from a few bishops here and there, has acted with the exact opposite of transparency and responsibility.

One commentator has aptly put this in the right perspective:

“Liars every one of them. If they were truly honest they would admit their religion is false, it is not of Christ but is of the very enemy of Christ. They are antichrist, these leaders and only pose as Christians; they are wolves in sheep’s clothing seeking whom they may devour. There will shortly come a time of reckoning, this is certain”.

A UN report, published in March, blasted what it called the Vatican’s “code of silence” around abusive priests. The UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT), following upon Kevin Annett’s International Tribunal into Crimes of the Church and State (ITCCS),

[Please read in more detail here;]

investigated the Vatican on charges of torture, which they define as:

“Any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.”

UNCAT believes there is ongoing torture in the Roman Catholic Church among clergy and priests.

As a result the Vatican issued this typical mud-slinging statement: 

“The Holy See notes that in times past, cruel practices were commonly used by legitimate governments to maintain law and order, often without protest from the pastors of the church, who themselves adopted in their own tribunals the prescriptions of Roman law concerning torture. Regrettable as these facts are, the church always taught the duty of clemency and mercy.” 18 

The BBC World News reported on 27 May 2014 that, after being publicly accused and indicted for participating in child trafficking and murder involving apparent satanic rituals, Jorge Bergoglio compared the rape of children by catholic priests with the performing of a satanic mass. By indicating this, the pope revealed that he has a tacit knowledge of such satanic practices in his church.

The Citizen Prosecutor of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels stated:

“Our position is that Jorge Bergoglio’s bizarre remarks are not coincidental, but reveal that he understands that the rape of children within his church are linked to satanic rituals in which he himself participates. We consider the Pope’s remarks a tacit admission of guilt and more evidence of his involvement in this monstrous crime.” 

A survivor of Catholic ritual torture and rape reacted on this by saying that the pope’s remarks are the lowest kind of sadistic insensitivity; that maybe his words were deliberately designed for survivors to kill themselves now that he stands accused of taking part in Ninth Circle ritual killings; that even by just mentioning trigger words like ‘satanic mass’ will re-traumatize victims of satanic torture. 19

Speaking after his Middle East tour Pope Francis, seemingly pushed into a corner said, “Sexual abuse is such an ugly crime … because a priest who does this betrays the body of the Lord”. [*Lord Satan, yes Francis, for that is the only lord you listen to – he is your father and you have yourself betrayed him….] A while before Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon resigned from office, Francis had assured, “Like Jesus, I shall use a stick against paedophile priests.” *But Jesus used a whip!

[Read further here and here]

These remarks of the pope, made during July this year, did cost him dearly. About a month later the notorious Ndrangheta, who he appointed as his eyes, have acted against him and it is rumored that this organization is responsible for the car crash in Argentina which took the lives of some of his dear family members. Beware the hand of Iblis, Francis!

A great crime was forced up into the light not only by the power of the common law and reporting of a fearless alternative media, but also by an apparent guilt trip of a prominent Vatican official and former employee of the Vatican Curia, who obtained sealed documents from the bowels of the Vatican about the now notorious Ninth Circle rituals, for use by the Common Law Court in Brussels.

This was evidence of a document called the “Magisterial Privilege” of the Jesuits, dated 25 December 1967. According to this document it was required of every new Pope to participate in Ninth Circle Satanic ritual sacrifices of newborn children that included the drinking of the blood of the sacrificial victims.

This stipulation is born of a twisted notion that spiritual power is to be derived from the lifeblood of the innocent and by downing this blood it would assure the political stability of the papacy in Rome.

These acts appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits, every pope since at least 1773 and are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. 20  

6. These abovementioned papal crimes of Francis reveal to us the real character of the personality of this pope: his suave way when admitting that the rape of children by catholic priests is equal to the performing of a satanic mass; the thinly veiled mockery he makes of the assurance that he will use a stick against pedophile priests; his almost boasting that “…there is an army of over 8 000 pedophile priests…”, which shocked even the Vatican for it was as if he is proud of that fact.

Then again we hear the petulant child that cannot get his own way after he was reprimanded by the UN way back already in 2013 on the issue of child abuse in his church.

We see another aspect of this versatile personality of a pope that is more seemingly altruistic, benevolent and humanitarian towards the youth, especially as the following examples will show:

One day while checking my e-mails I got a message from Twitter: Pope Francis favored one of your tweets! Intrigued I clicked on the link given and got to this: @PopeFrancisXXX The official *parody* account of the hottest new Pope in the game! I love ladies, PBR & my [email protected] HOLLA BACK YOUNGINS! #PopeFrancis #HabemusPapam complete with an image of a younger Bergoglio all dressed up in his bishops regalia.

Scrolling through this I found strange tweets from the mouth of a person supposed to be the “holy father”, such as, Sep 10 2014 Fox 3:31 – Our father, who art in #Utopia, Red be thy name. Thy jar of Tang come, thy will be drunk. On TV, as it is in Heaven;

May 16 2014 Some fuck face just screwed up our bid to buy Red Lobster. We were THIS close to using Cheddar Biscuits for communion. Forgive me Lord…; Jan 8 2014 Vatican weather tip: if too cold where you are, just yell “JESUS F***ING CHRIST IT’S COLD OUT,” and then enjoy eternity of hellfire; Jan 3 2014 Worried @Jesus_M_Christ hasn’t called me in 2 weeks. Last time this happened we found him riding a donkey ankles-up in a Tijuana whorehouse;

29 Mar 2013 I plan on celebrating Good Friday the same way Jesus did… By getting fucking hammered; Pope Francis @PopeFrancisXXX · Dec 4 Rush @limbaugh called me a Marxist? The only thing that fat fuck knows less about than economics is what his own dick looks like.

And the latest tweets, Pope Francis ‏@PopeFrancisXXX  Oct 28 God doesn’t have a magic wand, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the magic stick. I know if he hits once, he can hit twice; Pope Francis ‏@PopeFrancisXXX  Oct 23 Pope @BenedictXXXVI had to retire because he was pregnant with @Jesus_M_Christ’s baby & MTV was gunna make a show called Sistine & Pregnant. 21

Now the reference to @Jesus_M_Christ intrigued me more and I found, Jesus Christ @Jesus_M_Christ

You know who I am. If not, google me bitches. Send fan mail to: [email protected] I am your Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ ‏@Jesus_M_Christ  Holy Spirit;  Jesus Christ @Jesus_M_Christ 19 Jun 2013 You’re having the worst day ever? I was beaten to a bloody fucking pulp & nailed to a cross once… But yeah, I’m sure your day is worse.

Searching a bit more, I found this: Pope Francis Verified account @Pontifex Welcome to the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Francis; Not Pope Francis @NotPontifex For the last time, I’m NOT Jonathan Pryce. And no, I don’t just ‘regenerate’ like The Doctor. I don’t even have a screwdriver. Mother fudging Pope! Parody; Cool Pope Francis @CoolPontifex Official Twitter page of the coolest Pope ever. Cooler than God; Fans of Pope Francis @CultOfFrancis FAN account of HH Pope Francis. @pontifex fans, news and articles; @Pontifex_mia Im the pope nigga. Respect gods arms; Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex_mia  17 Jun 2013 2 followers?? Damn, I thought God was on my side! U can’t trust no nigga nowadays; Pope Francis @Pontifex_mia  17 Jun 2013 hmu if u know anyone with weed (don’t tell Jesus Christ doe, dat nigga will whoop me). 21

And this makes the youth go wild with adoration for “the hottest pope in the game”. All in all there are about 27 Pope Francis accounts on Twitter each with a different set of messages for a different set of people.

Is all of this true? Are all who live on Vatican Hill like this? Is the world round?

I realize some will say ‘this is nothing’ or ‘what can one expect of such a dude?’ but my argument against this man in this office lies with the deception – gross deception by someone that is not what he pretends to be or what the official world understands him to be.

I have shown this so some friends – people who are not Christian and they were shocked.

According to Twitter,

“What you say on Twitter may be viewed all around the world instantly. You are what you tweet!”

I had at first thought that someone else is acting as if he/she is the pope with these twitter accounts but Twitter says explicitly,

“You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others.”

[Refer to].

Seeing these examples as misleading and confusing I have also asked, is it because he is the pope that it is allowed by Twitter? You decide dear reader.

7. According to a recent remark of this pope, evolution and creation are not incapable of being associated with the existence of a creator and both theories require it.

He said,

“When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God as a magician with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so.”

One professor of the Philosophy of Science at Milan’s University told reporters that he believed Francis was trying to reduce the emotion of dispute over evolution versus science.

Nearer to what is the truth, did Francis’ predecessor in 2007 endorse the idea that intelligent design underpins evolution – the idea that natural selection on its own is insufficient to explain the complexity of the world.

Despite the huge gulf in theological stance and intelligence between Francis and that of his predecessor, did Francis praise Benedict XVI as he unveiled a bronze bust of him at the academy’s headquarters in the Vatican Gardens.

However, for someone’s whose ears are trained his comments, after his much applauded speech about evolution and creation, can be interpreted as a snide remark.

He said,

“No one could ever say of him that study and science made him and his love for God and his neighbor wither.” 22

But, what did Francis really mean by saying God is not a magician? The following comments will clear this up for you:

“Hahaha….. well, well, well. Now the Church all of a sudden are putting their head under the sand and trying to pretend they never taught that GOD created the world sitting on a cloud sort of imagery – they put words on God’s mouth, they talk to God and God respond to them?

“They blinded Galileo [The Church once opposed early scientific explanations of the universe that contradicted the account of creation in the bible.] They used the inquisition to torture people in the most cruel ways for centuries… and now slowly they have by force come to the table…. Isn’t it a bit too little too late???”;

“Why would Pope Francis make such a statement? He is in deep CYA and distraction mode as are all his Cabal friends. Their secret stuff is starting to hit the public fan”

[*Yes, because this latest theory compares favorably with what enlightened people have propagated all their life and what all of us workers and bringers if Light and Truth are postulating. So I would say this is just another tactic of the Vatican-controlled cabal to get us non-religious into the Church’s clutches];

“It would certainly draw a few doubters back into the fold, wouldn’t it?”

Let us just backtrack for a bit about the Church’s original stance on the theory of creation. The biblical story of the fall of man on earth, i.e. the first “sin” committed on earth, is responsible for every ideology, doctrine and dogma of the Church from demonization of women to their pious horror of the human sexual nature, sex and the body, which they justify with this “fall of man” or “original sin”.

This strange and unsettling story has lost none of its melancholy power over the centuries, remaining as enigmatic and haunting as a dimly remembered nightmare – and almost no closer to being understood today than the day it was first told.

The Church knows that God as the real, Supreme Being is all-powerful and had or has no need to test either Adam and Eve or any of us living today, for he knows already what is going to happen.

In an article from the New Dawn Magazine the discrepancies represent the sole surviving keys to uncovering its true meaning. The legend of Adam and Eve originally had nothing to do with human sin or divine punishment but is a distorted version of primitive man’s first recorded encounter with uncanny beings from the stars.

[Read the article here:]

The Vatican has an obsession with what they call Astrotheology (science and religion) and the study of the stars through their instruments at the two observatories – Castel Gandolfo and in Arizona on Mt. Graham (this latter one spells LUCIFER in its name abbreviation (Large Binocular Telescope Near-Infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research).

According to the Omega Man Radio Program with popular author and radio man Steve Quayle, the world is more than casually interested in the connection between the Vatican and their work on extraterrestrial intelligence, astrobiology and the intriguing connection between those issues
In September 2012 LUCIFER-1 was already installed with a second instrument, LUCIFER-II, scheduled to arrive anytime at the observatory in or after September 2012.

This will have completed the two multi-object and long-slit infrared spectrograph imagers needed for studying the heavens in search of, among other things, exo planets that may host intelligent life. The location of the telescopes/observatory is a restricted area with brightly colored cables roping off most of the land around the buildings.

People are warned not to step over those lines or they will be arrested immediately and hauled off to jail [Makes one wonder what ARE they doing there?]

The Vatican’s telescope, called VATT, is manned only by Jesuit astronomers and technicians (that darn lot again, yeah). Speaking with ease about UFO’s they said that among the most important research being done there is the quest to pinpoint certain extra-solar planets and advanced alien intelligence.

One of the astronomers, Br. Guy Consolmagno, focuses much of his time and effort in an attempt to reconcile science and religion in public forums, specifically as it relates to the subject of extraterrestrial life and its potential impact on the future of the Christian faith.

He and the Vatican are considering the ramifications of astrobiology and specifically the discovery of advanced extraterrestrials, of which he admits that contemporary societies will soon “look to the Aliens as the saviors of humankind.”

To illustrate his presumed theological soundness of this possibility, Consolmago argues that humans are not the only intelligent beings God created in the universe and that the bible describes the existence of non-human life forms.

“Whether you interpret these creatures as angels or aliens doesn’t really matter”, he says, “but the point is that the ancient writers of the Bible, like all ancient peoples, were perfectly happy with the possibility that other intelligent beings could exist”.

Following upon this, Consolmagno makes a statement that totally discredits the age-old church teaching that the second person of their trinity, Jesus, who was born to be crucified so as to save the world from their sins.

He makes the assertion that this “son of man” is also a child of other races – star races, that is.

It becomes all the more clear that Vatican scholars actually believe Jesus might have been the Star-Child of an alien race and maybe also hold that the “Virgin Birth” was in reality an abduction scenario in which Mary was impregnated by an ET, giving birth to the hybrid Jesus.

One Christopher Corbally, Vice Director for the Vatican Observatory Research Group on Mt. Graham until 2012, believes that disclosure of alien life is soon to be revealed by scientists. He is of the opinion than when this happens man’s image of God will have to change – this includes the need to evolve from the concept of an anthropocentric God into a broader entity.

The current Vatican Observatory director, Father Josè Funes suggests that alien life not only exists in the universe and is “our brother” but will, when manifested, confirm the “true” faith of Christianity and the dominion of Rome. 23

[Please also read this article:].

So there you have it, dear reader. The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church knew all along that what we believe about the stars and their races and about Source, is true.

Not that I do not grant them credit for it but I am holding against them the fact that they had deceived the entire world and especially the Catholics and Christians worldwide since their inception way back in the time of Constantine I, with their doctrines of a trinity, of a crucified/resurrected Jesus-Christ-savior-born-in-Bethlehem-who-will-come-again-to-sae-the-world-from-oppression-etc.

And have you noted in the last paragraph above where it is mentioned by Jesuit Fr. José, that when the ET’s come they will confirm the dominion of Rome – that is of course the Vatican or then the Papacy!?

Now it becomes very clear why the sudden grand declaration of this mad pope that the church’s view on evolution was all along correct.

I would say they at the Vatican are about to disclose the arrival of their ET-savior who will most likely put ol’ Frankie on a throne in Jerusalem where he is to rule all nations with a rod of iron.

[Please refer in this regard also to; and carefully note the exact date of this disclosure]

Now it also becomes clear why Frankie denied the grand papal apartments in the Vatican – most probably because they reminded him of those awful red slippers of the former pope – he may have a thought or two of a grander palace as reward for such a humble dude as himself awaiting him somewhere else.

It makes one wonder how they will stage this overly grand appearance of the ET-savior but, remembering Project Blue Beam, 24 which had faded into apparent obscurity, one can be sure something more convincing had been planned and developed.

Despite scathing remarks and comments from various people in the Christian world against Pope Francis’ recent declarations of support for evolution, the latter remains to be popular and continues to receive massive support from both the moderately religious and the adamantly unbelieving.

That is why he makes these seemingly out-of-the-blue statements – to attract the moderately religious especially us who are called the “adamantly unbelieving” to the Catholic religion, not because he is worried about our state of salvation or that he loves us very much, but because any new adherent to the faith can be controlled for their money and riches. That is all.
The evidence for the theory of evolution remains strong, despite political opposition from those who refuse to acknowledge this basic scientific fact.

However, many creationists have been able to reconcile their personal faith with evolution, subscribing to the so-called evolutionary creationism — the idea that God was a primary motivator behind the long and gradual process of inherited changes over populations.

So who is this mad hatter pope really? From his past activities, actions and words since he became the pope, I see a man that spells the following: a morally depraved individual that is unstoppable due to the great ovations he receives in the public square and due to the one to whom he has bonded himself when he made his very first vow – Satan/Lucifer.

[Refer please to: and]

Everything her does and says is purposely planned to deceive. Since it is difficult to say what exactly motivates him as an individual it would be safe to surmise that it is possibly control and dominance, for these two affords power over others.

Such people as he is tend to operate with a grandiose demeanor, an attitude of entitlement, an insatiable appetite and a tendency toward sadism. They seem to be able to inhibit their antisocial impulses most of the time, not because of conscience, but because it suits their purpose at any particular time.

Words do not seem to have the same meaning for them as they do for us. In fact, it’s unclear if they even grasp the meaning of their own words. They don’t follow any life plan and it seems as if they are incapable of experiencing any genuine emotion.

Such people are in practice called psychopaths. They will not only deny the past and trivialize it, but will avoid answering your questions directly and even if they seem to answer them, you can be sure that it’s not the answer you were looking for.

It has been said that even when they do give you a straight answer, the real issue will never be addressed by them, although they may even claim to be honorable when it suits them.

But don’t be fooled, for this is where the psychopath wants his victim – he wants to shame you while at the same time fitting you into his plans; this is because psychopaths show a stunning lack of concern for the devastating effects their actions have on others. 24

Daniel 7:21, “I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them”.

In spite of all Kevin Arnett’s efforts to have Francis, Pachon, Benedict, the European royalty or any of the other exposed culprits put away  for life behind bars, no one has done anything to either of the popes, leader of Jesuits or any of the others.

They are still seemingly walking the street and going about their business as if nothing has happened. Everything they have been doing they are still doing and maybe are doing even worse things. Why?

Daniel 7:25 gives us the answer:

“And he shall speak great words against the most High and shall wear out the saints of the most High and think to change times and laws….

Wearing out the saints refers to the recent meticulously planned false flag operation of the Vatican and then more particularly, this psychopathic Jesuit pope:

“In his October 27, 2014 statement to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Rome, satanic Jesuit Pope Francis was scientifically correct to acknowledge a role for extraterrestrial civilizations in the creation and maintenance of our Universe.

“However, one covert intent of Francis’ statement was to divert public attention from his recent trial and conviction by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels for participation in secret satanic infanticide and rape as part of the Ninth Circle rituals…” – a trial that picked up some speed again after an interval of a few months with the latest revelation of a senior Canadian cabinet minister exposed as participant in Ninth Circle sacrificial cult along with mafia-tied Catholic Cardinal Gerald Lacroix.

“Both men were named to have been attending the February 22 cult ritual in Rome, according to evidence given to ITCCS officials by an eyewitness in precisely the same week that Francis tried to draw the world’s attention to the evolution-issue.

“The Canadian minister was in Rome at the head of an official Canadian delegation for the installation of the Catholic Archbishop of Quebec as Cardinal by Jesuit Pope Francis earlier that same day of February 22, 2014”.

(Sources for this story include journalists in Rome, members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Interpol operatives, European Parliament members, a member of the Jesuits and officers of the Ottawa police department).​ 25

“The 2014 trial, conviction and sentencing of Jesuit Pope Francis proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the individual also known as Jorge M Bergoglio, is capable of profoundly evil acts done in the name of diabolical entities worshipped by him and the Jesuits for a very long time.

“The intent, timing and substance of the Jesuit Pope’s announcement concerning his support for evolution was set by the agenda of the Jesuits.

“We may well ask what are the true underlying goals of the statement in the realm of the divine and the diabolical, the latter being historically and ultimately the playing field of the Vatican.

“In this case the superficial geopolitical religious or exopolitical analysis is that of a master satanist cult but is still not adequate to the task of true spiritual/scientific analysis.

“This Pope and the Jesuits have issued this statement in an effort to seize the forefront of revealed truth – the leading edge of the integration of science and spirituality – and thus keep planet Earth fully within the satanic New World Order column, as opposed to the column of the evolutionary awakening of star-seed souls who reject Satanic sacrifice, hierarchical institutions such as monarchies, the Vatican and negative dimensional entities”. 26

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