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CIA Insider Warned of Ebola False Flag in September

Former CIA insider Robert David Steele warned during a September 18 appearance on the Alex Jones Show that a staged Ebola false flag attack was on the horizon two weeks before the first case was confirmed in the United States.

Steele, who is now an author and lecturer, previously worked with the Central Intelligence Agency as a clandestine services case officer and also ran as a presidential candidate for the Reform Party in 2012.

“They will have another false flag, in fact the false flag I’m hearing about is a simulated Ebola attack in which they actually use bio-chemical weapons that dissipate, but then they pretend that it’s Ebola and that it has been brought here by Saudi martyrs,” said Steele, adding, “We have not reached the end of the false flag line.”

Steele elaborated by warning that the chaos created by a false flag attack could lead to a “general strike” across America.

Steele’s website, the Public Intelligence Blog, also warned of a false flag Ebola outbreak in the United States almost two weeks before the first case of Ebola was confirmed in Dallas:

“If Ebola virus hits in the USA it will be, in this order or probability a) a false flag bio-chemical stand-in; b) volunteers already in the USA infected by Saudi clinicians; or c) white “virgins” not known by the USA to be associated in any way with terrorism, infected in Europe. It could also be a combination — there are rogue elements in the USA that would be more than happy to kill citizens for effect — and there are rogue elements among our “allies,” including the Zionist government of Israel, that would be equally happy to screw the big shiksa (Israel) or Great Satan (Saudi Arabia).”

An individual who said he worked as a first responder and an emergency manager in Texas also called in to the Alex Jones Show on Sunday to assert that the botched response to the Ebola outbreak in the United States was “on purpose.”

By Paul Joseph Watson, Info Wars;