3 Reasons Why the Super Bowl Could be the Greatest False Flag Event in US History

The list of conspiracy theories over Super Bowl 48 is endless on the internet these days.

So what exactly is causing all the fuss?

This video walks you through Illuminati symbols and warnings that were given before past False Flag events.

There are a lot of oddities to Super Bowl XLVIII, let’s take a look at some.

1. The NFL has a rule that the venue for the Superbowl must either have 50 degree weather in February or be an indoor stadium (domed). 

In the 47 year history of the Superbowl, only four years has the venue been in cold climes, and all 4 of them where held in domed stadiums.

#16 Pontiac, MI “Silverdome”
#26 Minneapolis, MN, “Metrodome”
#40 Detroit, MI, “Ford Field” (domed)
#46 Indianapolis, IN, “Lucas Oil Stadium” (retractable roof)

This is the first year since 1972 a Super Bowl has been played in an open air environment with a temp below 50 degrees. The other 43 Superbowls were in places like Miami, New Orleans, etc. thus satisfying the 50 degree rule.

Interestingly, the MetLife Stadium has a few more unique attributes:
+ The largest seating of all the NFL stadiums
+ The most expensive stadium of all the NFL stadiums
+ The only stadium to host two teams: NY Jets, NY Giants
+ The only stadium whose proposed corporate naming sponsor, Allianz, was fought by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League because the German company had strong ties to the Nazi’s in WWII. MetLife was eventually awarded naming rights but the controversy with the German financial giant Allianz remains intriguing.

2. Israel Is In Charge of Security for Super Bowl and Sochi Olympics

You read that right, Israel is in Charge of security at Super Bowl XLVIII. America has  FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, TSA….ect. Yet Israel was choosen for security over Super Bowl XLVIII (48)

3. Forget taxis and limos, Super Bowl ticket holders are being asked to take buses and trains to MetLife Stadium on Sunday. 

If they don’t, they’ll find parking passes on sale for more than the price of regular season tickets.

Rick Fuentes, head of the New Jersey State Police, said, Super Bowl 48 (XLVIII) is already being billed as a “mass transit Super Bowl nightmare”

Hollywoods Warning of a Super Bowl False Flage. More examples of Illuminati warnings from Hollywood. Coincidence? Only time will tell. But if history has any bearing on the future, these warnings should not be taken lightly.

So we have a Super Bowl being played in an open air stadium in cold weather below 50 begrees for only the second time ever in the history of the game.

Then we have Israel who is furnishing security for the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

Then we have, in their own words, a “Mass transit nightmare” for a sporting event of this magnitude. What could possibly go wrong?

UPDATE: According to the National Weather Service, Sunday’s high temperature is expected to be 38 degrees — which would make it the coldest of the 48 Super Bowls. With the opening kickoff scheduled for about 6:30 p.m., the mercury could drop into the 20s by the time the game ends.

By Josey Wales, Beforeitsnews;

Spread the word and, hopefuly, we will avoid a tragedy together.