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Stop the Killing Machine, by Stop Voting!

The presidential puppets, Obama and Romney, publicly reassure the shadow government of their warmongering policies, while crowds of brainwashed sheeple flock to cheer the “good” news.

Puppet-Obama takes pride that the military spending has gone up every single year that he was in office and proudly states: “we spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined: China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom…you name it!” 

Puppet-Romney is also proud to announce that he will not cut the military budget because – get ready for it: “America has the responsibility and the privilege of helping defend freedom”.

I swear that my heart aches to know that there are so many brainwashed people out there, who believe every single word that comes out of the mouths of these soulless, heartless and empathy-less monsters.

People of planet Earth, I refuse to believe that we are that stupid! Instead of Creating a world of peace, abundance and prosperity, we spend trillions/year on weapons? What will the future hold for us, if we spend most of our money on weapons? I tell you what: wars, famine, poverty, sufferance and death. What needs to happen to this planet or to our species for you to finally see the truth and change the way you think and act?

No positive changes will ever come from politics, because it’s a system that was never designed to work for the people, but against them and their interests (peace, freedom and a thriving society; proper education, healthcare and housing; clean air, water and food, etc.).

I understand that there is a great deception going on, and most people are not aware of it, so I will try to explain it the best I can. The general opinion is that we can vote for someone  and if he turns out to be a criminal, then we simply vote for someone else, without being responsible for their actions. Wrong!

A presidential candidate presents his agenda and the people VALIDATE it with their votes. Yes, your vote validates a criminal leaders and the corrupt and criminal institutions working for him. And from the moment you vote for a candidate, you are directly responsible for his official actions as your leader.

So, when you vote for someone who supports war, you support war as well — otherwise you would not give him your permission to wage wars in your name.

Fortunately, the solution is the most simple thing in the world and requires no action at all of your part. You can simply stop validating their criminal actions by stop voting! 

Do not fall for their propaganda stating that if you do not vote, someone else will choose for you. Someone else already chose for you, because your leaders are appointed by the shadow government, and elections are nothing more than charades for you to feel free and important.

BE the change!

Love and Blessings,