David Icke: The Coming World War 3

American Government, Stop Playing With Our Future!!!

USA Government is once again ready to start a war – just like I’ve warned you, they will never stop! These monster-leaders need to be stopped!

Recent news regarding the increasing tension between USA and Iran made me think of all the ‘third world war’ scenarios that I’ve read until now. I remember people like David Icke saying 10 years ago that the third world war will be triggered by a conflict between USA and a Muslim country.

The US Navy is about to produce a spark that will lit up the entire planet:
“The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln arrived in the Arabian Sea on Thursday, Navy officials said, a likely prelude to testing Iran’s recent warning against sending a U.S. carrier through the Strait of Hormuz.

The Lincoln joins the USS Carl Vinson, already in the region, returning the U.S. Navy its standard two-carrier presence there. The carrier USS John Stennis left in the past few days and is now traveling back through the western Pacific.

The Lincoln’s arrival puts into place all the elements for a U.S. carrier to travel back into the Persian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz for the first time since recent tensions with Iran escalated.” – Source CNN
The US Army is also asking for $hundreds of millions budget to produce new deep-penetration bombs (to attack Iran’s “nuclear program”) – all this while its people die of hunger in the streets or get evicted by the corrupted banking system.
My (almost desperate) question is: why are we not in the streets protesting against another imminent war? When will we find the courage to say ENOUGH once and for all?