Ron Paul: End Marijuana Prohibition Now!

The more I see of Ron Paul, the more I like him!
Why should Hemp be legalized? Here is why:
1. Hemp is one of the most “Human friendly” plants;
2. The Marijuana Conspiracy – The Real Reason why Hemp is ILLEGAL;

Interesting and helpful YouTube comment:
It’s not enough to say “Vote Ron Paul”!

In order for Dr.Paul to win, HE NEEDS THE PRIMARY. That’s the toughest part.

IF YOU WANT TO VOTE IN PRIMARY YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED REPUBLICAN! If you don’t switch parties in time, (3 months ahead in some states from now) YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!

Go to BLUEREPUBLICAN.ORG and register ASAP! Copy and paste this everywhere! Thumbs up to help this be on top.