UARS Satellite to Fall From Orbit to a Yet Unknown Location: NASA Animation

An out-of-control satellite plummeting to Earth at 18,000mph could land almost anywhere this evening –  excluding North America, Nasa warned tonight.

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The craft, which is the size of a bus, will break up on entering Earth’s atmosphere, flinging huge chunks of metal weighing up to 350lb across hundreds of miles. 

NASA said it will only know two hours before impact where it will land – and even that prediction will only be accurate to the nearest 6,000 miles. It could be anywhere between the 57th parallel north, which crosses Britain at around Inverness, and the 57th parallel south, which passes just below South America.

But the U.S. could breathe a sigh of relief today after learning the space junk will not be anywhere near its airspace when it comes down.

NASA-AGI Animation:

Track the satellite yourself: