Communication within Truth

When we communicate with others, it is always so important, that we stay neutral and only express our inner truth, for we can never speak on the behalf of others. Conscious communication truly is ALL about listening, while never judging and making assumptions. And when we preach, we truly do not teach, we only do that with our loving PRESENCE, while we are fully embodying the LIGHT of the TRUTH. 

Of course we each have our own truth here on an earthly level, but beyond this earthly truth within Human will, there is also the grander Truth, THE TRUTH OF ONE within the DIVINE Will.And to reach that Light of the Truth, we need to seek pure devotion to be One with it, to be a knower of Divine Truth, not just our own personal Human truth.

When we only express our own Human truth, we are not being aligned with the higher Truth, especially when we define another of how they might reflect in our eyes. All that we can truly express is how something MAKES US FEEL – the words, expressions and behaviors of others.THE ONLY WAY TO KNOW is to express how we feel and then ASK AND LISTEN. Pure and authentic Spiritual communication is KEY here!!! It opens all doors, for making assumptions and judgments is negating the SELF and THE HIGHER TRUTH.

Not asking another through the SELF is mirroring back to us, where and how we are still not aligned within a field of LOVE. All it takes to communicate purely is to ASK! People sometimes do not LISTEN at all, and instead they rather make assumptions. That’s why there is so much drama that causes lack of PEACE in the world. The outer world is always a mirror of the inner world. Nowadays everyone talks about how they desire peace, but it begins with us. It starts within the personal relationships we have with one another. Because they all originate from ONE relationship that is THE ONE … one we have with the SELF.

How we feel within our Self, we are to others as well. So it is not about understanding others, it is always about understanding the SELF first, so that we are conscious enough to KNOW others as well. Within this, we can be like the water. There are many layers of water, but as we get to the depths, we get to the bottom, which is THE SOURCE. And there we can realize, that when we are at the bottom, we are also one with the surface and all the layers in between.

Within the higher Truth, we can never express our truth in a way to define the other. We can merely speak our own INNER TRUTH as to how something makes us feel, and so it is. When we are not in a state of Love, we can also block things from our Presence. And only when we RAISE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, The Light of the Truth can enter and we can see and FEEL things from a higher perspective.

Sometimes a nice triggering of others occurs within our neutral words. Defining others and pointing fingers at them and their words or actions is never coming from a place of LOVE. What we resist, always persists. And when we say that we already know it all, that means we are not being humble.

When we understand what being humble means, we always ALLOW everything, because being in a state of allowing everything truly means being connected to Source of ALL THAT IS. An evolved and enlightened Being would never use the words »I know it all«. We are to be humble and teachable. And our only true teacher is already WITHIN. It is our SELF – our I AM THAT I AM!

It is also true, that we never say »OUCH«, when we are communicating and relating with another, unless something within us is still hurt and not whole. So these are all just our wounded parts mirrored back at us, it is never about the other person. All the relationships in our lives are there only to remind us of the Self and to assist us in remembering who we truly are.

When we are in a state of Love and we do not identify with those wounded parts of ourselves, we never take things personally. We are completely peaceful when we are communicating things to another. We don’t even twitch, because the lower state of reality is simply not of TRUTH and we know it.  Things that come from the lower mind, are just projections of our own consciousness, not the HIGHER Truth. When we are in a state of LOVE, we have no more need to speak to another in that way. What we claim as our truth, are only neutral observations of the situation and descriptions of who WE are, not others. Nor do we ever judge anyone, because we are awakened to THE TRUTH.

If others still react to that neutral state of our consciousness, it’s how THEY feel in our Presence, because we always hold a mirror to each other. When we know WHO we truly are, we speak to others and communicate to everyone with nothing but PURE RESPECT and deep appreciation for our Being and that of another. Nor do we interfere with each others journeys and missions. We don’t feel the need to drag anything of the lower mind and get into ILLUSORY DRAMAS, which we don’t resonate with any longer, because we know we are beyond all of this. It is not our reflection within the Whole and the TRUTH KNOWS ITS SOURCE, always!

When we fully acknowledge who our I AM is, we never allow our Self to get into dramas of other people. The wounded Human self just needs to resurface first and become healed and whole again. So when we speak neutrally and others still don’t perceive it as such, this is their own projection that feels it that way. That makes it THEIR truth, not the HIGHEST Truth within the Law of Oneness. And we should never have the need to defend ourselves, because that would mean lowering our vibration, for defending ourselves does not come from a place of Love and TRUTH.

Please remember, that every time someone expresses their Truth in a way that defines You with words “You are such and such”, they are merely projecting their own mental description of the situation, because they are reflecting what is upon them to yet fully realize about themselves. They are in no way what so ever speaking the words of Truth! We can only express the Truth when we speak of neutral observations within situations that desire more Light to come through. 

I wish and pray for everyone to comprehend the deeper insight and Truth, not only within this matter, but of their entire Being. It is never about others. It is always about US. In communication within personal relationships, it is all about what we help trigger in each other that needs further acknowledgment, releasing and letting go. Raising our consciousness means only to know it is ALWAYS ABOUT US and us only. And it is between US and God/Goddess and it has always been so. What we are to each other, is a gift of a beautiful Divine trigger, a true Divine Blessing in disguise!

Much Love to everyone … So that the Light of the TRUTH can prevail! 

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. I am only here to spread the Light of the Truth. And BEING is all that it takes, once we are in a state of awareness, when we see beyond this Human self thinking.