7/19/11 The Zeitgeist Movement | La, Ca Townhall Part 2 Q&a ]

The Zeitgeist Movement Updates: Q & A Session

Please sit back and enjoy the latest interview with TZM founder, Peter Joseph:

Links and details:
Peter Joseph (Global Coord/Founder TZM),
Jen Wilding (US National Coord)
Jason Lord (CA Coord)
Eva Omori (Los Angeles Coord)
Brandon Kristy (Los Angeles Coord)
Sharleen Bazeghi (Event Coord)

This is Part 1 of 2 of the QA of the July 19th TH in LA, CA ( above is the Lecture Section )

About: “The Zeitgeist Movement’s Townhall Meeting is a community forum for the public to engage the Movement’s coordinators about root-cause understandings to social problems, and the solutions we advocate culminating in what can be termed a ‘global, resource-based economic model.’ “

LA, CA, USA Townhall, 7/19/11