Who are the Elohim?

They are the orchestrators of the Material Realm, all done only with and through Divine Will. They are »builders« of form, as All Life was and is seeded by them. All that makes Life, all that makes Creation. All is by their image, impressions and imagination of the Divine. They are Masters of Alchemy, resonating within the highest Spiritual Reality, the highest consciousness. 

There are many different kinds, as many as there are things in the vast and limitless Nature of Creation. Their »laws« of Creativity are endless, as are those, that make up all of the Realities: Sound, tone, color and symbol (archetype). Within All of those, Creation is endless and as Extensions of God, the All that is, they are combining All of those aspects to bring out the vast creations in the limitless Universe.

They can incarnate, and it truly is for the purposes of preserving their »precious« creations, because All that is made in the Universe, according to the Divine Will, by the image of God, is meant to be sustained, because all DNA is important and valuable for keeping the creations as they are. All Creation is Divine and cannot be destroyed, it can only be modified. It can evolve and shift, so the DNA shifts and the form changes. So therefore, they are the Masters of DNA, and the Masters of form, since All form is a consequence of DNA!

The Masters of the Elohim Ray
“The Elohim are the original creator Gods, the first step from Divinity before creation and they do bring everything that is known and unknown into creation. All creation is the result of them and their work seeding all of creation in all the multiple universes and dimensions and all life found in all of them, no matter what it’s form, species, building block (i.e. carbon based, crystalline based, etc.).”

(David Maria)
With Love, Polona
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