The Sacred Violet Fire

Here is a poem and a decree for calling upon the Sacred Violet Fire, the most powerful Flame of Freedom!
Dear Violet Fire, please purify me,
as I so lovingly decree!
You are our gift from God,
I welcome You to blaze through me!

Blaze, blaze, blaze,
through Love Divine Sacred Fire!
Blaze, blaze, blaze,
transmuting All unwanted Desire!

Blaze the flame of resurrection,
so that All returns to its perfection!
May All restore to natural state,
as I call to you in All my Faith!
You are my favorite blazing Source,
I invoke you here and now,
I call upon you every day.

Please purify with all your power,

so all the lower vanishes away!
I praise your Divine Alchemy,
may it bring us All to victory!
Let this fire slowly burn away,
that which no longer needs to stay!
Until there is only Love, Joy and Freedom!
“I AM the Violet Fire, I AM the purity God desires!”

With Love, Polona