Pole Shift Happening Right Now? North Pole Moved 20 degrees + Wild Magnetosphere Updates [March 30-31]

The “underground” specialists community is working hard to put all the pieces together in an attempt to figure out if the pole shift is taking place as we speak. 

I want to remind you that magnetosphere anomalies have been detected in the past days, making the compasses to act strangely. Reports (from different areas of the planet) state that the North Pole moved up to 20 degrees yesterday, others say even more.

In order to properly understand the following videos and pictures from the real-time Magnetosphere Simulation, please see this explanatory picture:

Earth’s Magnetosphere turned chaotic after the 9.0 earthquake of Japan: March 11 2011


Date      : March 11, 2011
Title       : Earth’s Magnetosphere: March 11, 2011 – Before & After the 9.0 Earthquake of Japan
From YT: EnlightenmentToAll
Date      : March 14, 2011
Title       : Earth’s magnetosphere is all over the place
From YT: carneyart
Date      : March 29, 2011
Title       : Major Magnetic Field Flip Underway
From YT: patrioticspace
Date      : March 30, 2011
Title       : Alert!!! Compass Tripping Slap Out!!! Pass This On!!!
From YT: dutchsinse
Date      : March 30, 2011
Title       : North Pole Moved up to 20 DEGREES! Magnetosphere ANOMALY – Compasses go haywire


03.30.2011 Magnetosphere anomalies examples:
03.31.2011 Updates: