FaceBook Police in action

My FaceBook friend, Joanne, sent me this message and you must know the truth about the “FaceBook Police”:

I am not getting any of your posts now at on my home page…they are stopping us from getting info…I have to come to your wall to see your info…I called them FaceBook Police and they stopped my home page from posting any of my new infor…I just thought you want to know….I have always enjoyed you infor…videos….pass this on please!!”

I just want to remember you that www.HumansAreFree.com is banned in Turkey and Greece and my YouTube comments are also banned from the first page (even though they have the most “thumbs up’s”). My YouTube nickname is “gekados” which is the equivalent for “Top Secret” in German (Click Here for my YT channel).

And this is just the visible level of information suppression and “internet policing”. They always won until now because they stood united against scattered people. But now we are uniting all over the world thanks to the internet.

It’s our time to say “United We Stand”, but we are united in love and truth. Our greatest strength lies in the organised meditations. We are Creators and our united thoughts are shaping the new world. It is our only chances and at the same time the easiest way to create “Heaven” on Earth.

Please join this daily meditation and spread it to everyone you know.