New blog: Vegetarian and Vegan simple recipes

Hello my dear family,
As many of you already know, I am a vegetarian (actually almost a vegan, but I still eat cheese, honey and milk) and I want to try new and tasty recipes from all over the world. For this I’ve put together a new blog with healthy foods and drinks, very easy to prepare.

Please visit and Subscribe for daily healthy recipes from all over the planet. You can also send me your favorite recipes and I will share them with great love and light with our community.

For those who are not yet convinced that humans are NOT naturally meat eaters, please read this: .

We have been manipulated to eat meat, because is VERY low vibrational. It’s almost no difference between eating and animal or a human being. The cannibals like the human flesh because they say it is sweet and tasty, just like we like the animal meat for the same reasons.

The truth is that humans can leave very healthy lives without eating meat, because all the proteins and beneficial substances are found in vegetables and fruits. 
Unfortunately, many think that being a vegetarian means starving or being skinny. This is total nonsense and in under 30 minutes you can read and learn that this change brings tremendous BENEFITS to your looks, health and spirituality.
Also, by being a vegetarian or (especially) a vegan you can look at an animal with love and respect, instead of thinking how good it tastes its meat on a grill.
Also, a big mistake is to think that by giving up meat you actually loose something. In my opinion you have only to GAIN: physical, energetic and spiritual health, self respect, respect for life and finally you gain all the fruits, vegetables and seeds on this planet.
I promise you will feel a different human from the first couple of days after this change.

There is plenty more to add, but I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I gave you the true knowledge, now it’s only up to you what you do with it.

I wish you wisdom and light in taking the correct decision.
Love always,