Saying “It’s Okay to be White” is Now Considered a HATE CRIME in America

by Ethan Huff The Oklahoma City Police Department has announced that a few pieces of paper with the words “ It’s okay to be white” printe...

by Ethan Huff

The Oklahoma City Police Department has announced that a few pieces of paper with the words “It’s okay to be white” printed on them are “not believed to be a threat,” despite triggered leftists having reported them as a “hate crime.”

Stapled to a few light poles around the campus of the Oklahoma City University School of Law, the fliers informed passersby that it’s not actually a bad thing to have fair skin, which apparently riled up some people who found this sentiment “offensive.”

Police were immediately called, news crews quickly arrived on the scene, and an “investigation” was launched right away – though the only thing authorities discovered was that some people in Oklahoma’s capital don’t hate themselves for being of Caucasian descent, which to libtards means that they’re “racists.”

According to law school Dean Jim Roth, openly claiming that it’s okay to be white “will not be tolerated” on OCU’s campus, which he says is “intentional and relentless” in exclusively supporting people with brown and black skin, because this equates to “diversity,” but not those with white skin.

“Investigators are trying to determine his intent and whether the actions are a hate crime,” the Associated Press (AP) quickly reported about the unknown “culprit” who posted these “hateful” fliers.

Being white “excludes people” and is thus evil, according to the Anti-Defamation League

A similar incident also took place in Newton, Massachusetts, where someone reportedly affixed an “It’s okay to be white” banner on the edge of a local highway overpass.

Sean Roche, a white-looking man who was driving with his daughter at the time, immediately pulled his car over, got out, and angrily ripped down the banner. And there just so happened to be a local news crew present to film him in his triggered rage.

“It’s a statement that being white is under attack right now and it’s just not true,” Roche fumed as he violently ripped the banner from its grommets off of the overpass.

“Being white is such an advantage in this society,” he added. “To suggest otherwise is just straight-up racism.”

The Anti-Defamation League of New England was also immediately informed about the “incident,” to which they issued a statement about how it’s “pretty disappointing to see people in Massachusetts using a platform like that to disseminate a message that excludes people and targets people.”

“It’s important for people not to be persuaded or attracted to a message like this because behind the words is bigotry,” stated Robert Trestan, Executive Director of the ADL’s Boston office. “Behind the words is hate.”

Oddly enough, Trestan did not offer any comment about the popular “Black Lives Matter” mantra, which also “excludes people” since it only includes people with black skin.

What this all reveals, of course, is that leftists are the true racists. They can’t even admit that having white skin, which isn’t a choice and is something that some people are simply born with, isn’t inherently “evil,” and in fact want white people to be ashamed because of the color of their skin.

The presence of these fliers and banners, as well as the typical leftist response to them, perfectly illustrates this point, which is presumably why they keep appearing all across the country.

“Many have commented that the stunt is particularly cunning because it forces the left to adopt the ideologically bigoted view that it isn’t ‘okay’ to be white, thus revealing them to be the actual racists,” is how Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars puts it.

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