"Humans Are Free" Facebook Page Has Just Been Banned

Update: The page has now been removed from my tabs and it is gone forever. After 9 years, just like that... the feeling of loss is very str...

Update: The page has now been removed from my tabs and it is gone forever. After 9 years, just like that... the feeling of loss is very strong with me right now, but I also know this means it is a new beginning (please select "See First", otherwise you will not get my updates).

Dear friends, after being censored for years by Facebook, and after having my personal account banned (where I had 5,000 friends, some of which being with me for about 9 years, from the very beginning), Facebook has now banned my website's page as well.

As always, they haven't offered an explanation, but I think I know what happened. Previously, it was about the "elite" pedophilia epidemic, especially before it became mainstream, but my latest strikes have all been about the climate change narrative.

This is the message that I got from Facebook:

So, my 9-year-old Facebook page, for which I worked so hard to grow and maintain, is now gone. I never thought that I will get to experience this level of censorship in this day and age, but I guess humans rarely learn anything from history.

I have "appealed" their decision, which is the only thing that anyone can do in this situation.

Now, if Facebook really cares about the problems of their users, then they should get back to me and help me fix this. But if their sole goal is censorship, then they will probably not even look into this problem at all. Let's see what happens next.

What you can do to help me

I'm not sure if I will be able to regain access to my page (most probably not), so the best way to continue to receive my updates is to Subscribe via email, bookmark and visit my website daily (safest way).

We should all accept that Facebook is compromised and everyone that you like will be eventually be banned from the platform. So let's begin the exodus.

These are the best alternatives to the Mainstream social media platforms:

1. Best alternative to Facebook: MeWe.com
2. Best alternative to Twitter:      Gab.com
3. Best alternative to Google+:   Minds.com

Please create an account on each of these alternative platforms, and start spending as much time as possible there, instead of the compromised ones.

All of your favourite content creators are there already.

A New Beginning

If you are not ready to leave Facebook, then please know that I have created a new page, where I will hopefully continue my work without any further strikes. It's called "New Beginning".

Please Like my page and select "See First" in order to get the updates. Otherwise, you will rarely, if ever, get them.

Make sure to share my articles daily (on your wall and in your favourite groups). It's the best way to help me.

Lastly, please consider a monthly donation in order to keep the website running. My PayPal is: alexandru2012@gmail.com. Every donation, no matter how small, helps.

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