An Unprecedented Level of Panic is Being Demonstrated by Epstein’s Elite Friends

by Richard Enos The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.—Theodore Parker, 19th Century Unitarian minister. Th...

by Richard Enos

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.—Theodore Parker, 19th Century Unitarian minister.

Those awakening to the truth of what is going on in the world tend to be particularly irked by the knowledge that the most powerful people, who are guilty of the most horrific crimes, seem to be able to get off scot-free.

And the trafficking, rape, torture, and ritual sacrifice of children would qualify as the most horrific crime imaginable.

The Catholic Church has long exemplified this invulnerability, as priests and other officials involved in these types of crimes were not ostracized or even punished, but simply moved to another location to continue their depravity.

The Times Are Changing

However, things seem to be changing. Top ranking officials in the Catholic Church like George Pell have been prosecuted. Hollywood moguls like Harvey Weinstein are having their day in court.

And, of course, Jeffrey Epstein, who roamed the planet freely after his sweetheart plea deal in 2008, was recently arrested on fresh charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy before being ‘suicided’ while in jail.

Since Epstein’s death, which some speculate was brought on to protect powerful people, prosecutors and the Department of Justice have made it clear that their efforts to get to the bottom of all this will continue with investigations intro the role of those complicit in Epstein’s crimes.

That means, at least theoretically, that Epstein’s death actually puts the spotlight on elite Epstein associates such as his alleged ‘madam’ and frequent flyers on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express.’

If we look at the reactions of those highly implicated in Jeffrey Epstein’s indictments, and the fact that it is no longer business as usual for these high-flying people, it is possible to conclude that we have arrived at a special time in history, and that we may indeed be placed to witness the arc of the moral universe finally bending towards justice.

In the latest episode of the Collective Evolution Show, Joe Martino and I speak about the increased scrutiny on the formerly ‘untouchable’ elite, and how each one is reacting to it in their own particular way. You can watch the first chunk of this segment below, or the full segment on CETV by starting a free trial here.

In the full segment we dive into Bill Clinton’s definitive statement of denial, Ghislaine Maxwell’s subtle and symbolic threat, Prince Andrew’s attempts to obfuscate the authenticity of evidence against him, and the total disappearance of Jean-Luc Brunel, head of French modeling agency MC2 and an alleged supplier of young girls to Epstein.

The Takeaway

There is no denying that we are in a different time than even a few years ago, as high-profile people are starting to be held accountable for crimes that more and more of us are becoming aware of.

It is incumbent upon us, as part of the awakening community, to refrain from thirsting for blood and revenge, but rather to see this as the closing phase of “breaking the illusion” we have been living under for so long.

If we can hold the space of equanimity as all this madness continues to unfold, then we will stop supporting the polarized energy that is currently all around us, and will push away from it and move into a unified and harmonious vibration more quickly.

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