After Admitting to Felony Sex Crimes, Deputy Gets No Jail, Won’t Register as Sex Offender

Despite pleading guilty to committing felony sex crimes with female inmates, a California cop will get no jail time, and is not forced to re...

Despite pleading guilty to committing felony sex crimes with female inmates, a California cop will get no jail time, and is not forced to register as a sex offender.

by Jack Burns, guest writer

Contra Costa, CA — A Contra Costa County cop who had sex with inmates will not have to face jail time nor will he have to register as a sex offender following what some are calling a sweetheart deal he and his lawyers made with prosecutors.

Patrick Morseman, 28, was allowed to avoid jail time even though he pleaded guilty to four counts of “sexual activity with a confined, consenting adult.”

He admitted to having oral and vaginal intercourse with two women detained at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond on or about March 31, 2018 but claims the sex was consensual, even desired by the two female inmates with which he consummated his sex acts.

Both women referred to in court as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 admitted to flirting with Morseman and passing him a jailhouse love note indicating their desire to have sex with the officer. But at least one of the women’s lawyers claims what Moresman did amounts to rape.

Dean Aynechi and his client sued the Sheriff’s office, settling out of court and was quoted as saying the sex acts could hardly be consensual but amounted to “rape” instead.

According to KTVU, the former cop only had to serve two days in jail before his trial and conviction but now must serve out the rest of his sentence being electronically monitored for six months and spend the next three years on felony probation.

Court reporters confirm Morseman was smiling when he received the verdict. He reportedly is now being allowed to leave California and serve out the remainder of his sentence in Nebraska where he is relocating his residence.

Morseman will also not be forced to register as a sex offender under the current penal code of California. It is unclear if he will be allowed to become a police officer in Nebraska. Since he is relocating he is now identified as a “gypsy cop” by police accountability activists who claim officers like Morseman will continue to re-offend simply by pulling up roots and moving somewhere else.

The sex-offending cop now joins the throngs of officers who use their blue privilege to take advantage of women while in custody. Whether or not the sex is consensual is of no consequence.

The fact remains judges often side with law enforcement when cops are charged with sex crimes involving inmates. Case in point, the cop in Hawaii who admitted to raping a five-year-old girl and was just sentenced to probation — no jail.

A judge ruled last month 200 women in Lincoln, IL did not have their civil rights violated when the female inmates were forced to bend over and spread their anal and vaginal cavities for inspection.

The sexual organ inspection was unnecessary and was unprovoked, and described as part of a training exercise for new recruits.

According to court documents:

"[Plaintiffs] were required to stand naked, nearly shoulder to shoulder with 8-10 other inmates in a room where they could be seen by others not conducting the searches, including male officers.

"Menstruating inmates had to remove their tampons and sanitary pads in front of others, were not given replacements, and many got blood on their bodies and clothing and blood on the floor. The naked inmates had to stand barefoot on a floor dirty with menstrual blood and raise their breasts, lift their hair, turn around, bend over, spread their buttocks and vaginas, and cough."

The glaringly humiliating scene smacks in the face of all that is decent. Where is the outrage? Where is justice for those of us who are completely vulnerable to the system?

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