Lymph Nodes and Your Deodorant

Lymph nodes and your #deodorant Did you know which very important system in your body, doing many crucial jobs at the same time, to keep y...

Lymph nodes and your #deodorant

Did you know which very important system in your body, doing many crucial jobs at the same time, to keep you alive, fed, protected and healthy?

It’s called the Lymph system and it your immune system which protects you from invaders like bacteria, toxins, viruses, fungi, and from cancerous cells.

Your Lymph system is actually your protecting army and private police force. It is doing its best job 24/7 for you. The lymph system’s soldiers are called Lymphocytes, which are white blood cells.

The lymph system also helps to feed every cell in the body, so it is better to stay clean from toxins.

It also makes sure to collect excess fluids back to your blood circulation, so if it has toxins in it, they will get into your blood.

The lymph nodes are the checkpoints, which inspect and fights everything that does not belong in a healthy body, removing it to keep you protected all the time.

It has to be kept in the cleanest condition because the liquid food is gone from the lymph nodes directly to every cell. If there are toxins accumulating in the lymph nodes, the lymph system will get clogged and will have a hard time to clean the body. This is how diseased cells not being eliminated… which can lead to a severe illness…

Under your arms and close to your breasts, there can be more than 80 lymph nodes, which are standing on guard all the time. They are your first line of defense, and when they are being poisoned, they cannot prevent cancer from spreading to the breasts, and cannot prevent your brain from being poisoned as well.

When you put any toxins or harmful chemicals under our arms, you are destroying your defense lines and becoming vulnerable to harmful conditions, which can lead also to fatal diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Toxins in #deodorants like any Aluminum compounds, Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Stearates, Triclosan, TEA, and DEA are clogging and poisoning the lymph nodes, thus destroying their ability to protect you from these very poisons, pathogens and abnormal cells that may become cancerous.

Once your protecting army is poisoned, you do not have anything to protect you even from the smallest scratch on your skin that can cause an infection that can get worse and worse without having your protecting army capable of protecting you, because your army itself is poisoned, sick and dying.

If you have used deodorants in the past that contained any one of the toxins listed above, most likely that some of these compounds are still there inside your skin and lymph nodes, stressing your protection system and body.

Cleaning a clogged lymph system is a major issue, you cannot rinse it quickly like a colonic procedure, it is a long cleaning process that takes the most efforts from your body.

So make sure your lymph system is not poisoned daily by anything applied on the skin and underarm.

You want to strengthen your protecting army by giving it the best nutrients and ingredients that can help the lymph system to cleanse itself gradually, and help your private army to be in its top performing shape for your health and well-being.

Make sure to read the ingredients in every product you apply on your skin, to ensure that you are not harming your protecting lymph nodes and your immune system.

Use only ingredients that can support your body’s ability to get rid of toxins, which are lurking in every corner than threatening your health and well-being. Keep your private army strong.

Source: Onlygoodnessinside.com

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