Abortion Clinic That Has Injured 60 Women in Botched Abortions Calls 911 Again After Hurting Another

An ambulance was called to Little Rock Family Planning, a troubled abortion facility located in Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 29, 2019, fo...

An ambulance was called to Little Rock Family Planning, a troubled abortion facility located in Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 29, 2019, for a woman suffering a medical emergency — one of over sixty that have been documented there.

But the recording of the actual call placed to 911, which was obtained by Operation Rescue, was so heavily redacted that the woman’s condition remains largely unknown.

However, the unredacted portions the recording left unintentional clues that fill in some of the blanks and indicate the emergency was serious in nature.

A caller from Little Rock Family Planning began the call by saying, “I need an emergency ambulance transport.”

The dispatcher then asked, “Okay, what’s the address of the emergency?” The caller responded by reciting the address of the abortion business and confirms the name of the business as “Little Rock Family Planning.”

That interaction alone verified that an emergency was in progress, and that someone needed to be transported to the hospital quickly.

It is also confirmed by the 911 dispatcher’s questions that the person requiring emergency transport is female.

“Is she awake? ... Is she breathing?” the dispatcher is heard asking.

The caller told the dispatcher that medical staff was with the patient, indicating that the woman was an apparent patient of Little Rock Family Planning.

Then the dispatcher asked one very revealing question.

“Do you guys have an AED onsite there?” she asked.

An AED is an automated external defibrillator.  This is used to automatically diagnose cardiac arrest symptoms, such as ventricular fibrillation (when the heart ventricle flutters instead of pumps), and automatically treats it with an electrical shock.

That means the woman was either in the process of experiencing cardiac issues, or was in eminent danger of suffering a heart attack.

A photo published by 40 Days for Life showed that a woman was loaded into an ambulance while clinic workers held rainbow-striped umbrellas to keep anyone from witnessing the condition of the patient.

A screen shot of the call entry that was supplied by Metro EMS to Operation Rescue along with the redacted 911 recording noted that the woman was transported “Code 1” to UAMS Hospital.  Code 1 means that no lights or sirens were used.

It is unknown if the abortion business requested no lights or sirens. However, Operation Rescue has documented many requests by abortion clinics around the nation for ambulances to run silently in order to conceal the seriousness of abortion-related emergencies.

Running hot with lights and sirens speeds transportation times and ensures that patients get help as quickly as possible.

In 2018, call logs obtained through a public records request revealed that 60 medical emergencies that required ambulance transport and hospitalization had occurred at Little Rock Family Planning through March 2018 – and that the frequency of such incidents was on the rise.

“We have documented hundreds of medical emergencies at abortion facilities and this is yet another example in the body of evidence that proves abortion is not safe,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“We also understand that we are not seeing every case of emergency transport. Our records do not include women who are treated in emergency rooms for serious abortion complications after they leave the abortion clinic.

“As vast as our documentation is, it is only the tip of a very ugly iceberg. Women must understand that when they walk into an abortion facility in Little Rock or anywhere else, they may leave in an ambulance.”

Sources: OperationRescue.org; YouTube.com

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