Mom Catches Cop Trying to Rape 9yo Daughter

by Matt Agorist A mother of a 9-year-old girl was horrified to find out that a 41-year-old deputy was attempting to rape her daughter and ha...

by Matt Agorist

A mother of a 9-year-old girl was horrified to find out that a 41-year-old deputy was attempting to rape her daughter and had coerced her into sending naked photos.

Okaloosa County, FL — An Okaloosa County sheriff’s deputy has been fired and arrested this week after the mother of a 9-year-old girl caught him trying to lure her daughter to rape her. The cop, Cansas Sadler Jr., 41, is also a married father who has two daughters.

According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, Sadler is also a decorated Army Ranger and former Ranger instructor. Now, he’s been locked in a cage for his alleged crimes against children.

According to the Miami Herald, Okaloosa has him for two counts of using a computer to solicit a child and using a two-way communications device to facilitate a felony. Polk has him for multiple counts of transmission of material harmful to a minor by electronic device , according to deputies. He was arrested Wednesday.

According to authorities, Sadler found the girl in an online game called The Wolf. In the game, Sadler befriended the girl by pretending to be an 11-year-old girl named Jade.

The elaborate and disgusting plan only grew from this point. After earning the victim’s trust as the fake persona Jade, Sadler introduced her to Jason, who was “Jade’s dad’s friend.” He told the girl that Jade was having sex with Jason and that Jason wanted to have sex with her, deputies said.

As this sicko continued to groom the girl for her future rape using two different personas, the deputy tricked the girl into sending him nude photos of herself. She sent this father of two child rapist the photos and he sent back photos of himself, according to deputies.

The details of the report are so graphic, that we will stop there but note that Sadler gave this girl his actual home address and was enticing the child over to his home, claiming Jade and Jason would have a three-way with her.

Luckily, before the 9-year-old would physically meet Sadler to be raped, the girl’s mother would catch him. Sheriff Judd said the suspect actually called the 9-year-old girl’s phone but the little girl’s mother answered the phone and had “an absolute total meltdown” and told him she was calling the cops.

When the victim’s mother contacted police, they traced the communications to Sadler’s IP address at his home. This monster was allegedly luring children to his home, from his home, in which his own children lived.

During a press conference this week, Sheriff Judd minced no words when he referred to the disgraced deputy as “an evil, mean, nasty human being.” We agree.

“He went from a decorated war hero to the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department, and from there we determined what his inner soul really is and that is to be child predator”, Sheriff Judd said.

FOX 13 reports that Sadler has been with the sheriff’s office since July 2018 after retiring from the U.S. Army, where he was an Army Ranger and an Army Ranger trainer. “That’s a sad commentary to what started out as a remarkable life,” said Sheriff Judd. “But I can tell you, you don’t arrive at the age of 41-years-old and do this for the first time,” he said.

This is true. As TFTP has reported in the past, studies show that the average number of victims of non-incestuous pedophiles who molest girls is 20, for pedophiles who prefer boys the number jumps to 100. An average serial child molester may have as many as 400 victims in his lifetime.

“I’m always disheartened when someone sworn to serve and protect commits any crime, much less crimes of this nature,” said Sheriff Larry Ashley in a statement.

“It’s an affront to all the hard-working, dedicated law enforcement officers who work tirelessly each day to keep our citizens safe. I want to thank our investigators and their counterparts from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. As Okaloosa County Sheriff, I greatly appreciate their teamwork and professionalism in working to develop the evidence, arrest, and hold the suspect accountable.”

This case should serve as a wake up call to parents who let their young children play unsupervised on electronic devices. This innocent 9-year-old girl was playing a simulation game called ‘the wolf,’ which she unsuspectingly thought was harmless. However, a child predator found her through it.

TFTP found the game in the Google Play store and there appears to be several rather disturbing reviews of it suggesting that it may be used by pedophiles to find victims. Several of the reviews are asking for an option for other players — who play as wolves — to be able to “mate” with other players. Indeed, the highest rated review on the app asks for the feature to be able to “mate with other players and have pups.” Disturbing indeed.

Sheriff Judd said his message to parents is simple: “If you’re going to allow your 9-year-old to have a phone that connects to the internet, that connects to gaming apps, you’ve got to know what they’re doing,” he said. “These worthless deviants are online looking for your children.”

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