Why Was Google+ Was Shut Down? And A Great Alternative for It

Now that Google+ has been shut down, the communities that formed and grew there over the course of many years, are gone with it. Google ci...

Now that Google+ has been shut down, the communities that formed and grew there over the course of many years, are gone with it.

Google cited "significant challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations, as well as the platform’s low usage," as the reason behind their decision to shut down the social network.

Personally, I think the decision had more to do with the current craze of censoring all dissenting voices and purging all non-mainstream content — a modern "burning of books," if you will.

From my personal experience, the network was mostly used to spread knowledge and inconvenient truths, rather than mainstream propaganda and silly non-events. It was a network for intelligent people and awakened minds.

Of course, they couldn't have that! Their goal is to have total control over everything that we read or watch, both on TV (which they already control) and over the internet. By controlling the TV and the Internet, they are controlling the official narrative.

What It Means to Lose Internet Traffic

Since the beginning of this purge, I've lost my personal Facebook account (deleted without any explanation), where I had 5,000 friends, and many thousands of subscribers have been maliciously removed from my mailing list by Google (through their Feedburner service). I've received countless emails from subscribers who stopped receiving my emails, and couldn't use their email address to resubscribe.

I've also been shadow banned by Google's search engine (Google.com) and Facebook — where my articles mostly reach less than 100 people (at the time of writing this article), and rarely reach more than 500 people, even though I have almost 49,000 followers.

After Reddit and most other social networks joined the ongoing internet purge, and now that Google+ was also shut down, I've probably lost up to 10x of my Internet traffic. What this means is that up to 10x less people get to read what I share. And the same goes for all other websites and blogs that are not aligned with the mainstream views of the Deep State.

Censoring and de-platforming dissenting voices, shadow banning and discrediting them via armies of paid trolls, is what "freedom of speech" and "freedom of press" look like in the Western world.

Policing the internet whilst spreading propaganda is basically Operation Mockingbird on steroids:

The Internet is the Modern Day Agora

The ongoing purge of dissenting voices, shadow censorship and outright ban is the trademark of the Deep State: a rogue faction that has infiltrated all aspects of government and is now taking over the United State of America. The Republic is at risk. We have never faced such a danger before. 

The Internet is an integrated part of our society and it has a huge impact on our daily lives. It is the modern day agora — the principal medium for communication, conducting business, exchange of information, the center of the artistic, spiritual and political life. 

The Internet must be protected at all costs!

A Great Alternative to Google+

Those who followed me on Google+ know that besides my personal account and my "Humans Are Free" page, I've also created one additional page, "Occult Knowledge", and a group, "Forbidden History".

I would like to start rebuilding those groups and hopefully reunite with some of my followers, on another social media platform. The social media platform that is most similar to Google+, is Minds.

You can find my official page at THIS LINK, and I have also created a group dealing with forbidden history and occult knowledge HERE.

See you there!
Alexander, HumansAreFree.com

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