TEDx Promotes Pedophilia Yet Again: A Second Speaker Claims Pedophilia Is A Normal Sexual Orientation

A TEDx talk urging people to support paedophiles because they can get "lonely" has caused outrage . The TEDx talk is still availa...

A TEDx talk urging people to support paedophiles because they can get "lonely" has caused outrage. The TEDx talk is still available on the group’s YouTube page and the organisation refuses to take it down.

US-based organisers are refusing to take it down from the group's YouTube page — where it has had over 200,000 views — despite growing criticism.

Campaigners and child abuse victims reacted furiously to the "dangerous" talk by Dutch psychologist Madeleine van der Bruggen, who argues society needs to “break the taboo” surrounding paedophilia.

She said: “Most probably there will be someone in your environment, someone you know, someone like your neighbour, like your colleague, like your football mate, maybe even your husband or son who is struggling with these sorts of feelings.

Madeleine Van der Bruggen says we need to stop being negative towards sex offenders

“The only thing is you don't know about it…most of these people know that they have feelings that they should repress.

“But the problem is these people can't talk about their feelings because they know that they will be hated for it.

“I truly do believe that every person is longing for love at some point in their life.

“And what if this love that you really wish for will forever be impossible?

“That must be a really lonely situation to be in.

“It’s like telling me, ‘We know that you love your boyfriend and we don't minimise that love, however you cannot act out on it ever.

“And on top of that you won't be able to talk about it with anyone.”

Van der Bruggen, who advises the Dutch National Police on child abuse investigations, argued paedophilia is a sexual orientation that people are born with and most paedophiles “do not offend”.

She added: “From an emotional point of view, I can kind of understand that you would want to eliminate these people from society.

“However, it doesn't make sense and that's because we're talking about biology.

“We're talking about a sexual orientation, something that we simply cannot change. They haven't done anything wrong.

“So rather than letting our emotions rule, please, let's be mature about this problem.

“Now, how can we break the taboo? Well, first of all, let's stop with hate.”

You can watch the highly controversial TEDx talk here:

Child abuse campaigner Matan Uziel, who founded the Real Women Real Stories campaign group, said:

“In this twisted video, Ms van der Bruggen is trying to acclimatise people to paedophilia and weirdly and dangerously enough, TEDx allows it.

Paedophilia is not merely a sexual orientation. It is a very serious psychiatric disorder.

Children are always harmed by being involved in premature sex acts for which they are neither fully physically, mentally, or emotionally ready.

“I have been inundated with comments from victims of abuse who are angry and upset that TEDx allowed this to be aired.

“We are calling for TEDx to remove the video from their YouTube channel immediately.”

Once and for all: Sexual Orientation Refers to Gender, NOT AGE!

After being accused of supporting and even promoting pedophilia, TEDx has taken down from the internet a talk entitled “Why our perception of pedophilia has to change.” In it, Mirjam Heine, a German medical student argued that pedophilia is an “unchangeable sexual orientation” just like heterosexuality and that society should become accepting of pedophiles. (Source)

Even though TEDx has eventually taken down the aforementioned talk from their YouTube channel, and issued a press release which reads "TED does not support or advocate for pedophilia," their actions speak otherwise.

First of all why were two separate talks promoting the normalization of pedophilia as an “unchangeable sexual orientation” allowed on their platform?

Surely everyone at TED/TEDx must know that sexual orientation refers to gender, not age. So why are they promoting this scientifically proven lie?

Secondly, why haven't they removed Madeleine van der Bruggen's talk — entitled "Let’s be mature about pedophilia" — as well? Unless they ARE in fact supporting and advocating for pedophilia, despite of their press release.

By Emma Parry, Digital US Correspondent, TheSun.co.uk / Final chapter by HumansAreFree.com

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