The Millimeter Waves Used by 5G Will Be Highly Absorbed by the Skin

So 5G is a network that will soon be the hottest topic all over the world when it does eventually become live. The problem with this, which ...

So 5G is a network that will soon be the hottest topic all over the world when it does eventually become live. The problem with this, which not many seem to realize, is that there are fundamental health issues that prove the latest network is overall as dangerous as it is sensationalized.

As we grow to protect the environment and ourselves, it seems rather silly that people haven’t looked into the nightmare that is staring us in the face. If you didn’t know it, you will now. Here are why we are hesitant to join in on the joyous ceremonial acceptance the public is so easily bestowing on the latest network technology.

Additional Bandwidth

Opening more or new channels which allows bandwidth to filter into our everyday lives proves to be detrimental to our health. A simplified explanation of this would be to tell you that our current bandwidth is no long sufficient for the amount of online users increasing daily.

This is where 5G comes in, a saving grace no? No.

The 5G network will be operating on untapped bandwidth meaning more towers will need to be built as 5G won’t connect well with users through architectural buildings or the signal wouldn’t be strong during bad weather. These smaller towers will emit radio frequencies in which we will be living. These radioactive wave lengths aren’t natural and can cause long term damage.

Health Issues

Along with the unnatural radio waves circulating in our daily lives these are only some of the health concerns that have come to our attention. Cancer can be caused through strand breaks, other illnesses can occur through stress protein built up in the body and the radiation emitted from these 5G networks can cause eventual death.

Our Skin Absorbs 5G Microwaves

One of the scariest factors revolving around the dangers of the 5G networks comes from a letter that was sent to the Federal Communications Commission from a professor at a university basically describing our skin as a sponge absorbing the microwaves emitted from 5G networks. The study discovered that the skin pores act as millions of tiny antennas.

Our Environment

Animals and our eco system, two of the most vital factors of our living planet, will feel the effects of something that is manmade and not at all up to them.

Nature calls for animals to feel and sense before humans do and already animals have been used in testing these frequencies. Unfortunately the outcome was dire, damaging organs and immune system functionality.

Although there isn’t much to be done at this point we can choose to stick to what we know and not join the masses. If you don’t believe sites will function just as smoothly on the 3G or 4G networks, this website will prove you wrong and in all likelihood remind those that sometimes it’s just better to stay with the older, eventually taking us back to our natural roots and embracing nature for what she truly means to us.

Source: HumansAreFree.com / Reference: 5Ginformation.net; Download PDF

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