David Wilcock: Military Tribunals Have Started Against Child Traffickers, Some Will Get The Death Penalty

David Wilcock claims his insiders are telling him is actually happening behind the scenes: "We have very good intel on this, from mu...

David Wilcock claims his insiders are telling him is actually happening behind the scenes:

"We have very good intel on this, from multiple insider sources, that they have arrested, right now, key people in the Deep State.

"They already have tribunals going on in several locations in the United States, and apparently Guantanamo. There are prison barges taking people to Guantanamo, and what they’ve done, is they’ve started with the mid-level people who were directly involved in child trafficking.

"The sealed indictments that we’ve been hearing so much about are being unsealed. People are being put on trial in secret tribunals. These are military trials. They happen quickly. Some people are getting the death penalty."

Keeping The Tribunals A Secret

Apparently there are rifts in the Alliance in terms of the public knowing what is going on. For some, there is a sense that public knowledge will only serve to hamper the proceedings, and they hope to keep things quiet for the year or two they feel it will take them to get this job done. Others believe that the leaking of this information is inevitable and they must be prepared for it as part of their planning.

An overriding fact, and this is something that David has mentioned before, is that many of the members of the Alliance have their hands dirty themselves, and while they may be fully acting in the service of humanity right now, they may have at one time perpetrated some of the very crimes they are now prosecuting. It would thus stand to reason that they would want to keep proceedings a secret.

However, David seems to think that we will be getting a data dump of information some time this year, the likes of which we have never seen, even from Snowden and Wikileaks combined. And this information will leave us without any doubts about the kinds of activities that have been hidden from us for so long. Will humanity be ready for it if it comes?

Here's the full update from David Wilcock:

Source: Collective-evolution.com / Reference: YouTube.com

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