School Conference Secretly Hands Out Pornographic Gay-Sex Manual to Kids (Behind Parents’ Backs)

WARNING: This report contains graphic descriptions of materials — and links to materials — that children in Alberta received at a school-fac...

WARNING: This report contains graphic descriptions of materials — and links to materials — that children in Alberta received at a school-facilitated Gay-Straight Alliance event.

by Jonathon Van Maren

To the dismay of Education Minister David Eggen, Jay Cameron of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms revealed some disturbing information about the results of NDP’s policies at the Alberta Court of Appeals earlier last week.

The government is insisting that parents should not be told if their child joins a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Club. JCCF, on behalf of 26 religious schools (including Christian, Sikh, and Jewish institutions) is highlighting the fact that parents must know where their child is being taken and what their children are being exposed to.

Title of the 2013 flip book 'Who's got the Condom'. This is only a portion of the actual image.

Cameron revealed to the court that children from one GSA were taken off school grounds by an adult known as a “facilitator” — the adult was not a school staff member, government employee, or even a parent of other children at the school. This “facilitator” took the children home.

Parents were not informed — and under Bill 24, it is illegal for parents to be told. Another boy was taken to an off-site GSA conference, where he was given over 150 condoms, watched a demonstration on how to put on the condoms, given a 50-page flip book on how to have sex, and other extremely graphic materials.

Earlier this week, I received photographs [WARNING: Links lead to graphic material] of some of the materials given to children at a Gay-Straight Alliance Conference. They were given to me by a third party, who received them from a concerned parent.

The cover of the booklet featured the title Explore the Wonders of Uranus, and depicted an enormous pair of buttocks with a rocket-ship shaped as a penis headed towards it. The rocket was being cleared for takeoff by an astronaut waving the LGBT rainbow flag. At the bottom of the page was the warning “Know Before You Go” with the link to an HIV prevention site, HIVCL.org.

The pages of the flipbook are extraordinarily graphic. Upon searching the Internet, we soon found the full materials easily available. When quickly flipped through, the booklet shows an adult man lying on his back in the woods putting a condom on, while someone who was presumably his gay partner waited for him to complete the task.

The flipbook is described by its creators as “pocket-sized flip book that graphically models condom use between two men.”

Other material showed one man grasping the genitals of another with the intention of stimulating him, while two others showed men climbing atop other men in various sex positions.

These were explicit instructions on how to have various forms of gay sex, and these were being handed out to children without their parents’ knowledge.

An encouraging leaflet from the BC Centre for Disease Control accompanied the graphic sex manual, noting that, “HIV and STIs are a reality. Condoms help protect against HIV and STIs. Have the confidence to be safe. Sex with a condom is still hot. Put it on, add lube, get it up! Keep it up, boys!”

The parent who provided the pictures of these materials to the third party stated that the child was given dozens of condoms along with this advice as well as a manual on precisely how to try different sex moves with members of the same gender.

This is truly inappropriate stuff, and it is disgusting that it is being provided to school-children. These graphic sex manuals amount to children receiving pornography from adults, with the Minister of Education David Eggen himself stating that parents cannot be told who these adults are, where they are taking the children, or that they are being given sex instructions and condoms and encouragement to experiment.

Children are being put in danger, and Eggen and his fellow ideologues are fully aware of the fact that many parents would disagree with what they are doing, which is why the Crown Attorney asked the Alberta Court of Appeals to ignore information on what the children were being given and why the NDP government of Alberta passed a law stating that parents could not be told of their children’s activities.

These people have no business around children. Think about this again for a moment: Children are being taken out of school by people who do not work for the school and taken to the houses of adults or to conferences where they are given instructions on how to perform various sex acts — all without the knowledge of their parents, who are not permitted to know this is taking place.

The parents of Alberta need to know what is going on, and they need to speak up loudly and clearly. The NDP government has been attempting to gaslight Albertan parents by insisting that the parents pose a threat to their own children, and thus must be kept out of the loop. But as the material children are being given proves, it is they who are the danger to Alberta’s children.

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