Pulling the Plug: How to Reduce your Exposure to EMFs

Given all the amazing technological revolutions at your fingertips, you are living in a day and age where you are constantly bombarded with ...

Given all the amazing technological revolutions at your fingertips, you are living in a day and age where you are constantly bombarded with Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). From cell phones to WiFi to electric cars – EMFs are virtually impossible to escape and can wreak havoc on your body.

EMFs can significantly effect us on a cellular level. The electric pollution interrupts normal brain patterns causing behavioral and neurological issues such as dementia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Exposure to EMFs can have the same outcome as being exposed to heavy metals and toxins allowing positive electrons (free-radicals) to take over. There are, however, some effective solutions to reduce the risks associated with high EMF exposure.

Start in your bedroom or your sleeping area. Your body regenerates on a cellular level during deep REM sleep so keeping your environment with low levels of EMFs is crucial. Cell phones are hands-down the biggest culprits for EMF pollution, so turn it off or keep in in a different room at night.

Use a grounding or earthing blanket which can help fill your body with negative charged free electrons and equalizes to the same electric energy level as the earth. This allows for better sleep, more energy and protection from EMF.

Unplug any electric devices and if you can, position your bed so your head is 3-6 feet away from any electrical outlets. Turn your WiFi off. Taking all of these simple measures can help you have a more restful, EMF-free sleep.

Let’s talk about cell phones which like I said, are one of the worst offenders for emitting EMFs. The best way to avoid the dangers is to limit your use of the cell phone, use land lines when possible, turn it off when you aren’t using it and only make calls when you have full bars (the less bars the more radiation your phone puts out searching for service).

I know your heads are probably spinning over the suggestion of using your cell phone less, so there are some products that claim to protect you from EMFs while using it.

You can use phone shields which according to the website “emits an ultra-high frequency subtle scalar energy field that structures the lower frequency EM fields emitted by wireless or wired devices, significantly reducing their damaging effects”.

There are many varieties of these that all have the same basic concept, stick a little diode to your phone and lower your EMF exposure.

Though current scientific studies are inconclusive, there is a HUGE debate on whether or not hybrid and fully electric cars pose a larger EMF threat than standard gasoline-propelled cars.

It is a fact that all electrical devices give off some level of EMFs though, so it can’t hurt to protect yourself in your car as well. There are grounding mats and things called Crystal Catalyst® Resonators that you can use in your car to lessen the effects of EMFs.

Specific auto manufacturers, like Tesla Motors, offer a higher level of in-cabin EMF protection than others, due to copper shielding and other technologies. If you’re in the market to buy a new hybrid or electric vehicle, bring along a Gauss meter on your test drive to measure the levels of EMFs in the cabin.

From the tests I’ve personally done on my hybrid vehicle and a friend’s Tesla Model S – they can vary wildly from car to car. Do your homework, test the EMFs yourself and you can rest easier knowing you made an informed purchase!

Overall, just be aware of your surroundings at all times, turn off and unplug unnecessary electrical devices, limit your cell phone use and try grounding or earthing gadgets to do your part in limiting your personal EMF exposure.

Reference: JasonWrobel.com

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