Just As Chemtrails, Unregulated Jet Fuel is Legally Poisoning Global Populations

Air pollution is an invisible killer — one that slowly poisons you day-by-day. By no means is this an exaggeration. According to a World H...

Air pollution is an invisible killer — one that slowly poisons you day-by-day. By no means is this an exaggeration.

According to a World Health Organization report from 2018, air pollution kills around 7 million people every year. Furthermore, numerous scientific studies have linked air pollution to heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, lung disease, and various forms of cancer.

Why Is the Air So Toxic?

There are countless sources of pollution in the air, ranging from car exhaust to industrial waste. But one of the biggest offenders is emissions from unregulated jet fuel.

Chemtrails - Unregulated Jet Fuel is Legally Poisoning Global Populations

Chemical and aerospace engineers have spent decades researching and developing highly efficient jet fuel. Ultimately, this has led to them adding aluminum, barium, strontium, and several other heavy metals to the fuel mixtures to help maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

While many of these heavy metal additives work wonders for fuel efficiency and cost improvement, scientists and government institutions have turned a blind eye to their severe impact on human health.

For example, aluminum exposure can lead to birth defects, neurodegenerative disease, several forms of cancer, bone disorders, and autoimmune disease.

Similarly, barium comes with a nasty list of side effects ranging from an increased risk of death from heart disease to kidney toxicity.

Despite the known dangers of heavy metals like aluminum and barium, scientists have more than doubled the concentration of these toxic additives in jet fuel since 1996.

How Exposed Are We?

In 2018, it was estimated that 102,000 flights occurred every single day, which means that significant amounts of harmful compounds are dispersed into the air through jet emissions — making every breath of air a toxic cocktail of heavy metals.

Toxic Effects of Nanoparticles

To make matters worse, many of the heavy metals used in jet fuel are added as nanoparticles — meaning the particle size is extremely small.

When heavy metals have a smaller particle size, this means they have a much easier time getting into your body and your bloodstream. With every contaminated breath we take, heavy metal nanoparticles are absorbed into your body and stored within your cells.

As a result, the heavy metals that pollute the air from jet fuel are incredibly dangerous to your health.

Accumulation in the Body

As you are continuously exposed to heavy metals, they begin to accumulate in your cells. This accumulation makes them exponentially more dangerous over time and with continual exposure.

Since it is nearly impossible to avoid breathing jet fuel contaminated air, the only way to protect yourself is with a consistent detoxification protocol.

While it may sound complicated, it is really quite simple.

Protecting Yourself from Jet Fuel Emissions

To protect yourself from the heavy metals in air pollution from jets, you need to chelate (remove) the heavy metals from your body on a regular basis.

But how do you chelate these heavy metals?

By far, the most popular strategy to detox (chelate) heavy metals is by using the mineral zeolite. When ingested, zeolite binds to heavy metals like a magnet and then escorts them out of the body.

It is important to choose a zeolite detox supplement that is sized and cleaned properly.

The Bottom Line

Jet fuel contains high levels of toxic heavy metals like aluminum and barium. With over 102,000 worldwide daily flights, this means vast amounts of heavy metals are being dumped into the air every day. To put it plainly, every human being on this planet is unknowingly being poisoned by air pollution.

Despite the known dangers of heavy metals, government institutions and scientists alike are turning a blind eye to this glaring public health threat.

The only option to help protect your body from jet fuel emissions is to detox (chelate) your body of heavy metals using a well-formulated zeolite detox supplement.

By HumansAreFree.com / Photo Credit: Photo 061024-F-1234S-011 from the Edward Air Force Base Media Gallery

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