European NGO Teaches Migrants How to Lie to Gain Asylum

As bent on the destruction of our republic as the American Left is, they are only outdone by the European Left as Western civilization on ba...

As bent on the destruction of our republic as the American Left is, they are only outdone by the European Left as Western civilization on balance continues to commit slow, steady suicide

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, documentarians Lauren Southern and Caolan Robertson have just released new recordings that should shock every Westerner concerned about the future of their country.

Taking a page from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas in the U.S., the undercover recordings appear to reveal the director of a major non-governmental organization (NGO) in Europe telling Southern and Robertson how she coaches migrants to lie and claim they are persecuted Christians when interdicted by border security authorities.

Ariel Ricker, who serves as the executive director of Advocates Abroad, admitted that the Eurocentric asylum process was “simply theater,” as TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks reports.

“This is all like a big theatre production, everyone has a part to play and a refugee has to act the part of the refugee in trauma for the interviewers, but it is extremely difficult to do this because unless they are taught how to be this character, this actor, then they go about it usually the opposite way,” Ricker says.

Her NGO provides migrant and refugees legal and humanitarian aid in seeking asylum in Europe. The NGO has 388 staff members principally tasked with preparing refugees and migrants for their interviews for asylum.

Last year, the organization worked with some 15,000 refugees. As Southern’s crew notes, however, the NGO recently campaigned with a dozen British members of parliament (MPs) where they raised $100,000 in donations.

Understanding the root cause of the migrant crisis: George Soros' Organizations Work Tirelessly to Flood the European Continent with Illegal Migrants and Soros Looking to Make Obscene Profits From Funding European 'Forced Migration'

In the video, Ricker tells the undercover documentary makers that he even teaches migrants how and when to ‘cry’ — to “act the party” of a “refugee in trauma.” She even teaches them how to vomit for extra emotional impact.

“Oh yeah, yeah. I see it like, I tell them that this is acting, all of this is acting […] it’s all acting as though this is theatre. So for them to get through they must act their part in the theatre and that is the refugee in trauma, because these EASO officers are so fu**ing stupid all they know is what’s written on the paper, EASO says ‘this is refugee in trauma, they have these characteristics’ so we coach people how to have these characteristics,” Ricker admits unwittingly.

‘Of course’ they are involved with human traffickers

European asylum laws are about as liberal as those in the United States, so it’s not a matter of EASO officers being “stupid,” it’s a matter of them following instructions handed down to them by respective governments.

In any event, the Advocates Abroad leader also explained that her organization interacts with the migrants to instruct them on acting the part of the hapless refugee, as the migrant plays the role of the EASO officer to get a better perspective.

In addition, they teach migrants how to be Christian — how to pray, for example (or pretend to).

“They also ask like whats your favorite holiday, some people say, like, Christmas and but, like, we explain you cannot just say this because this is not a sufficient answer, you have to say, you have to say it a certain way which is like ‘December 25th which is Christmas, which is the birthday of our Lord and Savior,’” Ricker explains.

Advocates Abroad has gotten it all down to a science — the group has developed a “formula” instructing migrants what they should say and how they should act.

Ricker also appears to admit that she’s been involved with human smuggling as well.

“So, the leader [of ERCI] was properly involved with smugglers?” an undercover journalist asked. Riker responds with confidence, “Of course they were, I mean, we all are to some degree, like, there’s no question of that.”

Westerners are compassionate by their nature but we are being taking advantage of by those who are flooding our countries with foreign cultures who have no plans to assimilate. That will lead to perpetual clashes in the very near future. Watch:

The Destruction of Europe: Muslim Migrants Are A Trojan Horse (And They Will Come to America Next)

Sources: NaturalNews.com; Brighteon.com; YouTube.com

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