The UK Government Turned a Blind Eye to Pakistani Grooming Gangs for Over 40 Years

An article dating back to 1975 has surfaced detailing the account of a 15-year-old ‘English’ girl in Rotherham who was one of a number of gi...

An article dating back to 1975 has surfaced detailing the account of a 15-year-old ‘English’ girl in Rotherham who was one of a number of girls subjected to sex with ‘immigrant’ men.

The girls were picked up by Pakistani men from a ‘certain cafe’, and taken to a ‘certain house’. She describes how the other girls were also ‘taken upstairs’, and would ‘run about giggling’ before hearing the bed move.

The girl, who was in the care of the local authority, was described in court by the pathologist, Dr. Alan Usher, as ‘had obviously been very well sexually used’, having first had sex at just 13, and then again a few months later.

She described being taken to the house where she was asked to ‘go upstairs’ but refused. She went back again and was offered money to ‘go upstairs’ and consented this time, but was not given any.

altanaka / shutterstock.com

On a third occasion, she stated how she was given £2.00 and the occupier of the house £0.50 by an Arab man who had sex with her.

As we’ve previously reported, it is speculated that political correctness and fears of being called ‘racist’ kept police and authorities from acting when incidents were being reported to them throughout the years.

It is, perhaps, shocking to learn that police and those who have been at the top have known what mostly Pakistani grooming gangs were doing and have not protected these vulnerable children when it was their sworn duty.

Another Pedophilia Ring Brought to Light in UK: Responsible for 1,400 Victims, Protected for 16 Years

They should be dealt with by the same swift and strong justice they are obliged to uphold.

Media has shifted the focus from the rapists’ ideology – namely Islam – to a generalised race -namely Asian. This is considered offensive to non-Muslim Asians, who have typically not been found the majority in rape gangs such as this.

The effect has caused people to not report on cases for fear of being labelled ‘racist’, when in fact, it is their ideology which should now be being scrutinised.

Reference: Voiceofeurope.com

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