Are You Allergic to Peanuts, Dairy, Latex? Vaccines Contain All That And More: MSG, Mercury and Infected African Green Monkey Kidney Cells

The basic fundamental concept of how a vaccine works is homeopathy based, thus treating disease by minute doses of natural substances that, ...

The basic fundamental concept of how a vaccine works is homeopathy based, thus treating disease by minute doses of natural substances that, in a healthy person, produce the systems of disease. There’s one massive problem with inoculations in this regard.

Today’s immunizations not only contain some natural ingredients, but they also contain the most bizarre, untested, dangerous combinations of disease strains, bacteria, E. coli, salmonella, synthetics, emulsifiers, heavy metal toxins, genetically modified bacteria, pathogens, parasites, fungi and yes, blood from other humans.

by S.D. Wells

How is your body supposed to recognize the pathogenic microorganisms that cause infectious disease if they’re swimming in a swamp of carcinogenic funk that’s trapped inside your muscle tissue?

Add in some zoonotic diseases – infectious diseases of animals that can cause disease when transmitted to humans, and you have complete mayhem that causes so many horrific side effects it would take another entire article to cover them.

Deadly diseases that kill wild pigs and African monkeys now used in American immunizations

Everyone is “allergic” to being injected with diseases that pollute animal organs and infect animal blood when those diseases are “attenuated” (weakened) and then injected in combination with formaldehyde (embalming fluid).

The human immune system goes into “hyper” mode (fight or flight) and completely freaks out, unable to even locate the pathogens or properly identify them, and the brain and central nervous system can completely shut down as a “side effect” of this insane “pre-medication” that’s so popular in America.

For some humans, especially infants, the immune system can attack itself, sending the child into a coma or even killing it. The Rotateq vaccine, made by Merck and given to children to supposedly prevent Rotavirus, contains parts of the porcine circovirus, types 1 and 2, that infects pigs and kills them by the thousands in China.

This highly experimental vaccine has never been tested for safety or allergic reactions in infants, and also contains fetal bovine serum and polysorbate 80.

After taking Rotateq, babies are reported to experience diarrhea, vomiting, fever, ear infection, severe stomach pain, blood in the stool, and a deadly problem called intussusception – where parts of the intestine get blocked or twisted.

These problems are listed on the Rotateq vaccine insert as side effects, and such reports have been received and confirmed by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Who is NOT allergic to injecting infected kidney cells from a wild animal? Have you read the insert on the small pox or polio vaccines?

Picture this: African Green Monkeys are trapped in cages in a laboratory, injected with infectious diseases, left suffering while “observed,” murdered, their organs harvested to extract their infected kidneys for manufacturing small pox and polio vaccines.

Go ahead and check the CDC website yourself! Even the chicken pox vaccine is made from human tissue of aborted human babies.

Are you vegetarian, vegan, or cannibal? We guess it doesn’t matter if you’re being shot up with all of this insanity.

There are traces of peanut oil in vaccines: Ever wonder why millions of American children are deathly allergic to peanuts, but nobody was 70 years ago? Look no further than the CDC “recommended” schedule of childhood vaccines.

Dairy products are used to brew vaccines: Are you lactose intolerant? What about casein, the main protein milk. Just like whey powder, casein is made from milk, and it’s used quite often to brew vaccine viruses and bacteria.

Latex contaminates vaccines thanks to the rubber needle cap and the rubber vial stoppers: Millions of Americans are allergic to latex, especially hospital workers and people who have had multiple surgeries.

What happens to people who are allergic to latex when a doctor or nurse sticks a vaccine needle through a rubber latex stopper after they pull off a latex rubber needle cap, and then inject neurotoxins into that human’s muscle tissue through that same needle?

Ever heard of anaphylactic shock? Who’s blaming the latex rubber needle caps and vial stoppers? Certainly not the doctors, the nurses or the CDC.

Monosodium glutamate – implicated in giving babies brain damage when eaten, is injected into newborns’ muscle tissue thanks to vaccine manufacturers and the CDC:

Blood from aborted babies is used in many of today’s vaccines, which means you’re engaging in cannibalism every time you get a toxic jab with fetal serum.

There is 25,000 times the mercury in one flu shot than the EPA says is safe in fish or drinking water.

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