CDC Reveals How A Vaccine Gets Approved With No Safety Data

An alarming video published in February by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has revealed some startling information about vaccine ...

An alarming video published in February by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has revealed some startling information about vaccine testing and approval procedures. 

Even the biggest supporter of vaccines will NOT believe their eyes!

(The video – below – says it all.)

Simply put, (and the evidence is undeniable) vaccines and related pharmaceuticals are literally rushed to the market without proper testing and verification. We, at NaturalHealth365, have been talking about this for years – but, now, we have (video) proof.

In reality, “test results” are derived from consumers. Safety data on these drugs literally are not available until people start taking the vaccine.

During this horrifying revelation captured on video (below), it is even admitted that we and our children are supposed to be the ‘guinea pigs’ for these vaccines in lieu of clinical testing.

Here is the full video released by the CDC from the 2018 Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) conference.

The most relevant portion begins at the 47:23 mark and continues until one hour 7 seconds:

A more condensed and concise Facebook version is available at this link.

Truth be told: Vaccine ingredients include a toxic cocktail of harmful substances

Some vaccine ingredients include the adjuvants aluminum, chromium and mercury, which are known neurotoxins. They are bad enough for adults, but when administered to children, exposure to these substances far exceeds CDC recommended safe levels.

(Should any amount of metal in a food or drug be considered safe?!)

Here’s another valid point to consider: despite vaccine use, the incidents of many diseases and health conditions are actually higher. Rates of cervical cancer, infectious diseases and autism are still way to high – especially when you consider the fact that vaccines are supposed to reduce our risk.

In addition to vaccine side effects such as neurological problems and autism, vaccines have also been linked to many autoimmune disorders. One has to wonder why autoimmune diseases are on the rise.

The National Institutes of Health reports that up to 23.5 million Americans have an autoimmune condition.

We MUST admit the obvious: Leadership – within the medical community – IS aware of unsafe vaccines

For example, a pair of Italian scientists have verified unsafe levels of contaminants in vaccines in a 2017 study.

Using electron-microscopy, they examined 30 human and veterinary vaccines, including for hepatitis, influenza, cervical cancer, meningitis and allergies. ALL BUT ONE of the tested samples tested positive for inorganic contaminants.

Both single types of contaminants and disturbing assemblages of toxic substances were found in the vaccines. The researchers admitted to being “baffled” by the bizarre compositions of some of these contaminant combinations.

The infant vaccine Infarix Hexa contained tungsten, stainless steel and a gold-zinc aggregate.

Lead particles were found in cervical cancer vaccines Cervarix and Gardasil, as well as in the meningitis vaccine Meningetec and the seasonal flu vaccine Aggripal. In addition to heavy metals, red cells from either humans or animals were found in some of the drugs. (How can doctors think this is ‘safe!’)

The researchers believe these contaminants are causing the immune system to react, releasing microphages to fight the foreign bodies. This leads to systemic inflammation and the other characteristics of autoimmune disease.

In a pattern that is all too familiar, not long after the husband and wife team released their findings, their home was raided by Italian police and their data seized.

It’s time to speak up and demand that vaccines be thoroughly tested before release to the public. Parents should continue to fight for the right to opt out of vaccine programs unless and until they are properly tested and verified as safe.

Reference: NaturalHealth365.com

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