The Catholic Church is a Hatchery of Pedo-Psychopaths

At the beginning let us state who psychopaths are: They are people who possess a social disorder. They are not concerned about social or ...

At the beginning let us state who psychopaths are:

They are people who possess a social disorder. They are not concerned about social or ethical norms. Since they sense a difference from normal people, they consider themselves a superior species. Their feelings are mainly pejorative. They are emotional but not impulsive. 

They plan their actions carefully, reasonably and coldly. They do not care about the consequences of their actions as they walk over everyone to achieve their aim. When exposed, they shift the blame onto their victims and if it is not successful, they apologize insincerely and try to continue their wrongdoings. They lack emotions like love, empathy, remorse or attachment.

Now we will compare this information with the actions made by the top church officials in Boston in 2002:

The situation shows us that the first thought that came to the cardinals' minds when they learned of Geoghan, was about the sex abuser's welfare. How to protect him.

Or support with love... (which is disgusting...). They did not think about how his acts destroyed the lives of many children. They never sent supportive letters "with love" to the victims in spite of the fact it was them who needed support the most.

It seems that the victims were just a trouble for the devoted priest. The cardinals focused on how to protect the rapists from justice. When one psychiatrist offered unwanted diagnosis, Law sought after satisfying one from another doctor.

Next, the top officials moved the priest to another parish which ought to be interpreted as a prize since in the new environment, he can escape notoriety and justice while having new kids "to play with". It was spitting at the victims.

Law was also, contrary to what he was saying, informed that the sexual abuse was a crime. Therefore when he wrote a letter to Geoghan saying: "I'm confident that you will again render fine priestly service..." he was fully aware what "priestly service" meant for the children of Saint Julia parish...

Even when the documents concerning the matter were revealed to the public, he pathologically lied (another sociopathic trait) that he did not know about the diagnosis advising for Geoghan not to work with children. His apology was empty and the resignation was only made in order to calm the public opinion while his true thoughts did not acknowledge his guilt.

And never would. That is how sociopaths act. At the end, Law fleed secretly to the Vatican to avoid his imminent arrest since he failed to inform the civil authorities about his priests' crimes.

The actions of the top church officials are an attempt to normalize pedophilia in society in a subconscious way. According to them, it does not have to be considered a crime and society can live with it by making it a taboo, ignoring victims and supporting molesters.

The behavior described in the analysis is psychopathic. Normal human being cannot suppress feelings of enormous guilt and empathy whereas psychopaths do not possess such emotions.

That is why they cannot see children's suffering. And in an aim not to be seen as perpetrators, these particular pedo-psychopaths masked their critical lack of empathy with a religious jargon. Another reason why they are psychopaths is that they felt a strange bond with the pedo-psychopath.

It is absurd to think that molesters can do something beneficial for the world. Their sexual predatory has to have a great impact on their whole life.

However, church hierarchy did not display distrust towards Geoghan. This can be answered only by the conclusion that Law himself was a pedophile as only a pedophile protects another pedophile.

On the grounds that he sees the reflection of himself in the actions of his partner in crime. A normal man would not be able to defend an abuser. Sensitivity and empathy would not allow him. He would focus on victims.

That cardinal Law should be remembered as a textbook pedo-psychopath. The case also shows that high ranks of the catholic hierarchy are infected by pedophilia.

Here, a victim tries to comprehend his thought process. If one acknowledges that the villains of this story are pedo-psychopaths, everything becomes clear...

The revelation of the document titled "Crimen sollicitationis" also unmasked Law's lies. Till 2002, he was obliged to sweep dirt under the carpet.

The Boston case has no real happy ending as the big sharks died or live at large like Richard Lennon.

Reference: Myeternia.wixsite.com

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